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June, 2024 - Issue #231
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Legacy's Rigorous, Well-rounded Academics Now Available for K-12
You've probably heard that Legacy Christian has expanded the Valencia campus' academy to 12th grade - meaning that families can now benefit from the continuity of a kinder-through-high-school education.
It's an exciting time to be a Lion. "Families now will benefit from Legacy's commitment to rigorous, well-rounded academics from the start of their child's educational journey to its high school conclusion," says Secondary Head of School Matt Millett.
At Legacy, students have a variety of options based on their interests, talents and future goals, culminating in a highly-customizable high school experience. "They can choose to take upper-level courses, earn college credits through dual enrollment, pursue extracurricular activities, and/or experience internships in their field of choice. Legacy educates the whole child, ensuring that our graduates will have many opportunities available to them, no matter what they choose to do!" explains Lynn Kistler, LCA's dean of academic instruction.
And if they choose CIF league play, Legacy's varsity athletics programs will definitely be a draw. "The Legacy Christian high school athletics program is focused on serving our students," shares Athletic Director James Mosley. "We are proud to have incredible coaches who are committed to developing Christlike character and helping each student to reach their full potential. We pursue excellence in athletics as a tool for developing leaders and discipleship."
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377
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That's Good News!
The Santa Clarita Artists Association Announces Scholarship Awards for 2024

The Santa Clarita Artists Association has selected local, deserving SCV students who have shown excellence in their high school art education and shared their plans to continue their artistic endeavors. Scholarships ranged from $2,000 to $100! Congratulations to this year's winners.
Emily Kai Saugus High School
Susanna Danielyan Saugus High School
Sabrina Schier Gorman Learning Center
Andrew Kang West Ranch High School
Mason Theobold Saugus High School
Arianna Smith Castaic High School

Tuition-free Play-based Learning Campus is Right Around the Corner
At iLEAD Agua Dulce, educators implement play-based learning, an approach to education that encourages children to learn through exploration, experimentation and play. Play-based learning is an active, hands-on and child-centered approach to learning that recognizes the importance of play in children's development. At iLEAD Agua Dulce, this can take many different forms, including imaginative play, games, puzzles and physical activities.
In a play-based learning environment, children are encouraged to take an active role in their learning, exploring new ideas and concepts through their own experiences and interactions with their peers.
Facilitators provide support, guidance and encouragement, but they do not direct the learning process. Instead, they create a safe and inspiring environment that encourages children to learn through their own curiosity and creativity.
Play-based learning has been shown to benefit children in many ways, including improving their cognitive, social and emotional development. It also helps them develop important skills, such as problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking.
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Congratulations, Santa Clarita Graduates!
May 17 Golden Oak
May 17 Learning Post Academy
May 20 Castaic
May 21 Canyon
May 22 West Ranch
May 23 Golden Valley
May 24 Valencia
May 24 Trinity Classical Academy
May 28 Hart
May 28 Sequoia
May 29 Saugus
May 30 Bowman
May 30 Academy of the Canyons
June 7 SCVi
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The Master's University Adds Video-Game Design Course
by Luke Fitzgerald
Last fall, Dr. John Beck taught a new course titled "Game Design and Development" at The Master's University. For the students involved, it was a semester full of cross-discipline collaboration, detailed game construction and a whole lot of imagination.
Beck encouraged and guided students as they actively designed games, drawing on his 20 years of experience in the video game industry. Each week, students split into teams to design functioning game demos across a range of genres.
Beck also brought in guest speakers like James Chung, a developer on the Call of Duty franchise with Infinity Ward, and Voldi Way, a programmer and studio head who has developed over 100 retail products across major platforms.
Beck said, "They're so passionate about doing this work that they don't require a lot of external motivation. They've picked up the ball and run with it. For the students who wish to pursue a career in game design, the work from this class will serve as a valuable portfolio piece."
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