Summer Camp Preview
May, 2022 - Issue #210
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Gilchrist Farm Summer Farm Camp is the Wholesome Answer to Summer Fun
Horse care, grooming, riding and an end-of-the-week horse show - what's not to love!? At Gilchrist Farm, your campers will learn how to groom, tack up and ride horses or enhance their current riding expertise by trying something new. Then they'll end the week with a super-fun horse show complete with ribbons and prizes. They will explore English, Western, Driving, Mounted Archery and more!
Plus, campers will milk goats, gather eggs, pet pigs and bunnies, feed the ducks and tortoises, enjoy the horses and take the mini mule for a walk. They'll learn about gardening, composting and raising their own food, watch eggs hatch and learn to care for chicks. Your youngsters can also experience soap and candle making, leather working, rag doll making and woodworking. Gilchrist Farm is known for games! Your kiddos will talk endlessly about the milk-jug bowling, horseshoes competitions, cornhole, water balloon battles, tug-o-war, gunny sack races, water play, obstacle course, mud run and other wholesome activities.
Check their website for info on Mini Farm Camp for ages 2 to 5 and the Counselor in Training program for children 12 to 16 years old, too.
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Adventure Awaits at Dynamic Movement LA
For kids who need to get out their wiggles and giggles, choose one or choose them all! Joyful motion and dancing fun are the cornerstones of these fun camps.
Jungle Adventure Be one with the world and take jungle-themed dance classes, create animals during arts and crafts and have a roaring good time.
Once Upon a Time Dance along to fairy godmother's music as kids make wands and wings during arts and crafts.
Action Spectacular Kids will dance battle along with their favorite action songs and create their own superhero, too!
Dynamic Movement LA 476-5715

Experience Joy in the Performing Arts with VIBE
Educators point out many positive outcomes of the performing arts in a child or teen's curriculum. A favorite: students that play a musical instrument or sing receive better grades and score higher on exams. Another favorite: Young people who play musical instruments, sing or perform in structured settings tend to be less likely to experiment with drugs or commit crimes. Both favorites are great! But there are more perks of the performing Arts with all ages. The performing arts in anyone's life - with the proper coaching from instructors and parents! - help to build self-esteem and confidence. These qualities help anyone cope with challenges and success in life.
Folks of any age can be intimidated by participating in the arts, especially in front of others. The reality is that even talented people experience barriers in performing and nobody is exempt from experiencing limitations. You don't need to achieve an advanced technical level to experience the joy of creativity in the performing arts.
Just do it! You will feel wonderful when you take the opportunity to experience joy and personal growth in the arts, no matter what level.
The success of education depends upon cooperation between teacher, student and parent. VIBE Performing Arts endeavors to help all students experience excitement and dedication necessary to help them succeed in life as well as on stage.
VIBE Performing Arts 255-7464
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Giddy Up for Summer Camp at Santa Clarita Valley Equestrian Center
Perfect for ages 5 and up, your horse lover will have the time of their lives learning to ride horses, exploring nature on trail rides, meeting new friends and making crafts. Each weekly session is only $300 and runs Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm starting on June 13.
Santa Clarita Valley Equestrian Center 310-4044

Canyon Theatre Guild's Summer Workshops
for Readers & Up Build Confidence & Connection

The Canyon Theatre Guild's three amazing workshops for children ages reading through 17 years will teach your children character development - but also commitment, responsibility, self confidence and team building.
Your student will learn how to be a part of a full theatrical production from audition to performance in a real working theatre in beautiful downtown Newhall. Tuition covers set design, costumes, lighting, sound and props for the show as well as materials and a t-shirt for the students to keep.
All classes are taught by professional actors, directors and teachers in a fun and inclusive setting. Limited class sizes mean that every student has a part to play in the production.
This year's STARS class - ages 13 to 17 - will be performing Disney's "Descendants," based on the popular Disney Channel original movies. Titles for the JUNIORS workshop for ages 10 to 13, and the KIDS workshops, reading age to 10, are a surprise and will be announced in April.
The Canyon Theatre Guild has set the gold standard when it comes to youth workshops with over 20 years of experience.
Canyon Theatre Guild 799-2702
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