Family Time
May, 2016 - Issue #139
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Moms Prove that
Love Wins

by Stephen Hundley

If you haven't noticed, moms come in all shapes and sizes, but the dedication and love of a mom is unmatched. Most mothers become that way by "birthing" children, some by adopting or foster care and some just by being a mother to students or friends. But church is a special place where all of us become mothers and fathers. Valencia United Methodist Church is a family of believers where you can always be taken in by a mother or a father in the name of the heavenly God who calls you to a loving relationship. At Valencia, love wins!
Join us Mother's Day 2016 for a chance to celebrate mothers and hear great music from our talented musicians in our spring musical entitled "Faithing Forward." See you in church!
Pastor Stephen Hundley is the interim pastor at Valencia United Methodist Church.
255-1301 #VUMChereforgood


Josh Walker
Josh Walker
"I have been attending Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts for seven years. Each year, I have learned more and grown as an actor and as a human being. I would like to thank Mr. Mike for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams at his school. Thanks to all the teachers that have taught me the techniques of acting through different curriculums and classes that have included Improv, Monologue, Audition Techniques, Scene Study, Cold Read and Casting Director Workshops - just to name a few. There are so many amazing classes at SCSOPA to help pursue your dream of becoming an entertainer such as Modeling, Dance, Voiceover and private Vocal Instruction. I have become more motivated and a stronger actor because of SCSOPA. I have an agent, Prestige Talent, and a manager, Stevenson Talent, whom I met at SCSOPA. They have agents on campus every week looking for new talent. Through my agent, I have been on many auditions and booked many jobs such as young Cee Lo Green in the "Forget You" music video. I just shot a national Enterprise Rent-A-Car commercial, an indie film called "Being Black Enough" and a short film called "City of Angels." Also, I just received callbacks for "Straight Outta Compton 2," "The Last Ship" - a Michael Bay production - and a feature film called "Fat Camp." I have been truly blessed and am proud to be a student at Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts." Josh Walker


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SCVi Offers Unique, Exciting Opportunities
TK-12 Learners can Help Craft their own Experience

Learners at Santa Clarita Valley International charter school have a unique opportunity to help create their own unique and fun learning experiences all year long.

"A wide variety of options abound at SCVi, where we routinely bring the 'extracurricular' into the classroom," said Sara Brown, outreach coordinator for SCVi, founding campus of iLEAD Schools. "Our school emphasizes project-based education, technology and innovation, and our learners have ample opportunities to explore their own unique interests."

The tuition-free public charter school features a variety of enrichment programs. Among them: Cyber High. This online, interactive program offers a wide variety of learning experiences on numerous topics.

SCVi students don't wait until college to start gaining real-world experience. SCVi draws on community connections to help learners find age- and ability-appropriate internships. SCVi's ninth- to 12th-grade learners can also participate in iLEAD Innovation Studios, a unique educational opportunity that puts the student in the driver's seat of his or her learning.
SCVi is located at 28060 Hasley Canyon Road in Castaic.

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Pet Tip of the Month
Spring is in the Air but Keep Danger Out

Spring brings pleasures galore for both people and their pets, but it's also a time of increased risk. This season, let the fresh air in - but make sure your windows all have secure screens in place before doing so. A passing kitty or bird can catch Fido's eye, and he's just one leap away from getting lost or hurting himself.
And when you just want to take a "cruise" through town, take your best friend with you - safely. How cute is it to let your beloved Buttercup ride shotgun, with her sweet countenance bringing smiles to the faces of passerby as she sticks her head out the car window? While adorable, it's a dangerous practice. Flying insects or debris can cause ear and eye injuries, as well as lung infections. Worse, an emergency tap of the brakes can send your pup tumbling out of the seat. Use a crate or install a specialty pet-approved seatbelt harness to ensure that your co-pilot is safely secured.
A good spring deep cleaning of your home is a fab way to rid yourself of embedded pet hairs and dander - but make sure you lock your supplies away after you're done cleaning. Even the most natural cleansing products can contain chemicals that are known to be harmful to pets. Do the same with home improvement products like paints, solvents and yard fertilizers, as well as physical hazards like power tools and insulation for a safer spring.
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