How Family Dollars Can Make More Cents
August, 2012 - Issue #94
If You're Going to Buy a Used Car...
1|Buy only from reputable dealerships.

2|Buy only cars which still contain time/miles left on the original manufacturer's warranty.

3|Always run a vehicle history report prior to purchase.

4|Try to buy a "Certified Pre-Owned" vehicle whenever possible.

5|If the vehicle has any indication of a defect prior to purchase, pass on it.

6|Never be pressured into a sale and trust your instincts. If the sale feels wrong, it is.

7|Try to complete negotiations for the vehicle within one hour. Let the salesperson know that your time is valuable and that they are on the clock.

8|Negotiate the new car first. Come to an agreement. Then negotiate the trade-in.
Barry L. Edzant, Esq. of Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant 222-9929

Consider Bankruptcy Protection
for Financial Recovery

Facing debt problems can be a stressful situation, especially if you are worried about losing everything you've worked so hard for. If necessary, seeking bankruptcy protection can be an effective financial recovery strategy in protecting your assets while getting a fresh financial start. Federal bankruptcy laws may help you protect your home, car, bank accounts, business and other assets so that you lose nothing. Protect your financial future and seek guidance from a trusted professional. Free consultations are available to help you achieve peace of mind.
Ray Bulaon, Esq. of Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Inc. 866-477-7772

The Advantages of Rolling Over a
Retirement Plan into an IRA

With a Wells Fargo Advisors IRA, you may be able to choose from a much-wider selection of investments than are available in typical employer-sponsored retirement plans. By rolling your assets directly to a Traditional IRA, instead of taking the money out of the plan or putting it in a non-retirement account, you keep all of your retirement plan assets working. There are no taxes or penalties due on retirement plan distributions that are directly rolled into a Traditional IRA until you begin taking distributions. That means you don't interrupt the tax-deferred growth potential of those assets and you can keep your retirement plan on track. Tax-deferred growth is an important advantage in creating a larger retirement fund. Working with you, we'll discuss where you are today, where you want to be, and the most suitable strategies for helping you pursue your goals.
Janelle M. Koester is a financial advisor with The Shipper / Koester Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC 818-226-1480

Stop Letting Fear Dictate your Life
Many folks who are drowning in debt find themselves paralyzed by fear and anxiety. It's really a fear of the unknown.

"Will I lose my house? Do I need to file for bankruptcy? Do I need to cash out my retirement? Are we going to make it?" Instead of having solid answers to these questions, most people lose sleep wondering about all the "what ifs..." Stop making yourself sick. A professional debt consultant can help you answer these questions and create a manageable plan of attack to start rebuilding your life debt free.

It's a simple process, and one that starts with a brief phone call to schedule a comfortable, stress-free visit with a bankruptcy lawyer. Bring in your creditor lists and/or statements, last few months' pay stubs and a few other items. We'll discuss your financial situation for about 15 minutes, then review all of your options on how you may want to get out of debt - considering the upsides and possible drawbacks of each one. Among your options is bankruptcy, but it's not the only one. It should be a last resort, and therefore we will recommend bankruptcy only when it is the best solution to your individual debt problem. You'll leave the office with the knowledge - and a plan - to take back your life.
Hale Andrew Antico, Esq. of SCV Bankruptcy 252-9900
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