How Family Dollars Can Make More Cents
February, 2013 - Issue #100
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For the Love of Money, Security & Peace of Mind
One of the most loving things we do for our family is provide for them. While it may seem easy to identify what our loved ones need on a day-to-day basis, it is far more challenging to delve into future unknowns. In order to have financial security and peace of mind, we need to make sure we control our money and finances, rather than letting them control us. Having appropriate life, health and asset insurance is a major step in achieving that goal. Controlling debt and maintaining adequate savings while keeping an eye on the future is another attainable goal. If you're unsure on how to best approach what may seem like a daunting task, have a heart-to-heart talk with your banker, who is hopefully also a Trusted Advisor looking out for your best interests.
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Do You Need Financial Peace?
Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Inc. specializes in helping individuals and small business owners who are struggling with debt problems. As a debt-relief law firm, we help clients clear the "financial fog" that obscures their vision for a healthy financial future. People are often confused about their options in getting out of debt. We offer bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives and will customize a plan suited for the client's individual needs and objectives. By getting out of debt, our clients re-discover a life with more options and more time in doing things that matter most to them. New Dress Up Games Popular Games Call us to schedule a free confidential consultation. We will provide an in-depth review of your case and analysis of all available options. Since 2001, we have put more than 4,000 clients on the path to financial recovery.
Ray Bulaon, Esq. of Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Inc.

What to Do After a Car Accident
What you do at the scene of the accident can often be instrumental toward a fair and just resolution of your case. Assuming you are not seriously injured and do not require immediate medical attention, you should try to achieve the following. Snip this article out and stash it in the glove box for easy access!
• Stay calm and collected.

• Ascertain if anyone involved in the accident is injured. If so, call 911 immediately. Be sure you know the closest streets where the accident took place.

• If no one is seriously injured, calling law enforcement is still a good idea. Many municipalities will not dispatch law enforcement unless there is a serious injury, or a crime is involved such as drunk driving.

• Gather information:
~ Name, address, phone numbers of all parties and passengers

~Driver's license number and class

~ Registration (Write down the owner's name, which may be different than the driver.)

~Year, make, model, license, company signs or advertisements on the vehicle(s)

~ Insurance (Write down insurance company, policy number, agent name and phone number, dates in effect.)

~ Eye Witnesses - names, addresses, telephone numbers

~Name of streets

~The date and time of day

• Take pictures. Photograph all vehicles and objects involved: the streets, debris, and if possible, the parties.

• Note unrelated damage to the other vehicles (damage not caused by the accident).

• Note possible obstructions to the other vehicles such as window tinting, large boxes in the bed of a pick-up, broken mirrors, etc.
Barry L. Edzant, Esq. of The Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant.

Life Expectancy and Retirement
Although most Americans now expect to live longer than previous generations, that understanding has made little impact on their retirement planning. With average life expectancy advancing into the late 70s and significant numbers of Americans expected to live into their 90s, very few people have saved enough money to live their pre-retirement lifestyle for 30* or even 40 years*.
(*"Average Number of Years of Life Remaining by Sex and Age: 2007," U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Reports (NVSR).

Retirees want their retirement income to last as long as their retirement does. And they want this to happen without having to cut back on their pre-retirement lifestyle. To do this, individuals need to avoid several misconceptions about how long they'll really live in retirement.

Understanding how to incorporate life expectancy into your retirement planning is essential to putting together a retirement-income plan that truly meets your needs. Few people approaching this time in their lives have all the answers. That's why sitting down with The Shipper/Koester Group can help you make more informed and realistic decisions about what lies ahead.
Janelle M. Koester, Financial Advisor, The Shipper/Koester Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. 818-226-1480 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Member SIPC
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