How Family Dollars can make More Cents
July, 2012 - Issue #93
"Bottom lines" don't only matter in business. Help your family get out from a bad second mortgage, improve investment performance and - when everything that matters is on the line - obtain the right kind of counsel.

Make Your Home More Affordable- Get Rid of That Second Mortgage
Getting Rid of a Second Mortgage could Mean a Second Chance
In today's depressed real estate market, a lot of homeowners are finding themselves upside-down on their mortgage, particularly if the home is encumbered with a second trust deed. In most cases, the second trust deed is not supported with any equity because the value of the property does not even exceed the amount of the first mortgage. In such a situation, there is a procedure in Chapter 13 bankruptcy called "lien stripping" which allows you to cancel the second mortgage and pay the underlying loan, in most cases, at just pennies on the dollar. For a homeowner who is struggling with unaffordable mortgage payments, this can mean the difference between being able to keep the home or losing it to foreclosure. We provide free consultations - there's no risk in finding out if you are eligible for a second mortgage cancellation.
Ray Bulaon, Esq. of Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Inc. 866-477-7772

When it comes to Investment Portfolios, Diversify
The right "mix" of investments in a portfolio is at least as important as the selection of a specific, individual investment. Identifying the various components and determining how they should be allocated within the portfolio is very important in order to seek the best results. The continuing process of monitoring the portfolio and adjusting the allocation when necessary can help "seal the cracks" in order to stay on track for the desired goal. In addition to providing strategic benefits for investment purposes, diversification can help cushion a portfolio from severe market swings due to various economic conditions not only domestically, but globally, as well. The well-structured, correctly-balanced investment portfolio, reviewed periodically and reallocated when necessary, provides a key solution for seeking to reach your goals. Of course, diversification cannot guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.
Janelle M. Koester is a financial advisor with The Shipper / Koester Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC 818-226-1480

When it comes to Trial, You Never Know what You're Going to Get
I have been practicing law for many years and have seen all kinds of cases. I have had clients who have refused to settle cases and forced the other side to trial. And I have had clients who took very reasonable settlement positions that were rejected by the other side, forcing us to go to trial. The thing about trial is that you never know what you are going to get, much like Forest Gump's "box of chocolate" analogy. Another thing about trials: Sometimes they do not resolve the matter.

I had a case earlier this week where that is precisely what happened. The court had a difficult decision to render regarding a novel legal issue. The parties tried to resolve the matter and were unable to come to an agreement. So the matter was submitted to the Court and one side received a more favorable decision than the other. But it still would have been better for both sides if the case had settled by agreement between the parties. Since the matter did not get resolved to the satisfaction of both parties and the dispute was over a legal issue as opposed to a factual one, an appeal is likely. And if one of the parties does not like the decision from the Court of Appeal, perhaps the Supreme Court of California can ultimately decide the issue. Both sides will just have to wait and see.
Richard A. Marcus, Esq. of The Marcus Law Firm. 257-8877
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