Inside SCV's Decade at a Glance
July, 2015 - Issue #129

Kyle Crawford
Publisher/Web Services

Co-workers say: stealthy, focused, skilled, melodious, tech-savvy

Advertisers say: helpful, patient, mastery, kind, family

Jeanna Crawford
President, SC Publishing Inc., Proud Publisher of Inside SCV

Co-workers say: driven, best, warrior, loyal, multi-tasker, tireless

Advertisers say: unparalleled, elite, caring, pleasing, loyal, skilled, integrity, sophisticated, lifesaver, fabulous, loving, visionary, attentive, foremost, talented, compassionate, awesome, hardworking

Jeanna's Decade in Review
Served on five non-profit board of directors
chaired over 17 events and served on over 40 committees
raised over $2.3 million dollars for local non-profits
2005 Boys & Girls Club Volunteer of the Year
2007 SCV Woman of the Year
2007 Community Service Newsmaker of the Year
2008 SFVBJ 40 under 40 honoree
2009 SCVBJ 40 under 40 honoree
2010 & 2011 Named one of Santa Clarita's 51 Most influential People
2011 Inside SCV named one of the top woman-owned businesses by the SFVBJ

Kyle's Decade in Review
Kyle has spent the last 10 years mastering the art of being husband and dad of the decade - and his golf game. He shares in every one of Jeanna's accomplishments because he's her better half. Anyone that knows them knows she can't be Jeanna without him.

Jeanna & Kyle's Best of the Decade
2010 Became parents with the home birth of their first son Cassel and completed their family in 2012 with the home birth of Caynen. They put their family first and being loving and present role models to their children is their top priority.

Therese Edwards
Publisher & Editor in Chief

Co-workers say: ink-slinger, smart, omniscient, compassionate, gifted, erudite

Advertisers say: thoughtful, brilliant, insightful, wordsmith, efficient, professional, creative, witty, amazing, would not want to play "Words with Friends" with her

Decade in Review• Busy raising three smart, funny, outdoorsy homeschooled children
• Founded and currently run a homeschool collective
• Served on four SCV non-profit board of directors and dozens of committees
• Co-founded women's networking group
• Named "Most Memorable Professor" in the Communication Studies Department at Loyola Marymount University

Amandalynn Sawyer
Creative Director

Co-workers say: talented, productive, clever, ingenious, imaginative, loyal

Advertisers say: creative, artistic, resourceful, dependable, quicksilver, dedicated, artistry, mind-reader

Decade in Review
2005 - Started as a designer in publishing
2007 - Started with Inside SCV Magazine
2009 - Met my soul mate (online)
2011 - Got married (At Salt Creek Grille!)
2012 - Bought a house
2013 - Had a baby (And haven't slept since!)

Ethel Nakutin
Senior Account Executive

Co-workers say: generous, experienced, bold, wise, compassionate, grandma

Advertisers say: positive, spunky, hard-working, intelligent, understanding, dependable, knowledgeable, kind, convincing, trusting, effective

Decade in Review• Tutor non-English-speaking children in English and Math
• Evaluated and improved individual store performances for large grocery store chain
• Work with City of Hope to help plan fundraisers
• Write letters to soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital
• Work with Wounded Warriors for promotion and gift packages
• Took my entire family on a cruise to Alaska
• Celebrated my 50th wedding anniversary

My very favorite part of the decade has been being in my grandchildren's lives. I have seen all four of my grandchildren enter college and am thrilled to have been a part of their college years, from helping them move in and out of dorms, to helping them with many things they need along the way. It has brought me so much pleasure to have been able to be there for them.

Since leaving The Signal as Publisher in 2004, I have been able to stay a part of the SCV community by working for Inside SCV.

Ted Dayton
Ted Dayton
Special Thanks to Ted Dayton
by Jeanna Crawford

I set my sights on Ted Dayton in September of 2005 and by October 2005 we were an official creative team of two. In large part, this magazine is our greatest hits and the product of many "excellent adventures" during our seven-year creative endeavor. Ted is a photographer's photographer. He is technical to the degree of perfection. I learned fast that you don't mess with perfection. He was always looking for the art in the photograph. If we had more space I could narrate the hidden art in our photographs, as he narrated it to me when we created them. I am eternally grateful for the seven years of photographs and memories we made together. Being his "human light stand" was some of my finest work and getting to learn from him as I entered this business was truly a master class. Thank you Ted!

P.S. This headshot is the first thing Ted has shot for us in three years. I'm obsessed that it's a selfie!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Thank You to our Photography Contributors!

William Innes
William Innes
William Innes
Ted Dayton connected us with William in 2009 and we welcomed him into the family with open arms and never looked back. William and I share a love of sarcasm, cursing and all things Canadian. His new perspective was a welcomed one and in the last six years we have photographed fashion, bridal and athletes together. Since working with Inside SCV, William has been published in numerous wedding blogs including "Style Me Pretty" and "The Knot," became a Panasonic Lumix Luminary traveling the country speaking on photography and is a member of Professional Photographers of America and WPPI.

Mel Carll
Mel Carll
Mel Carll
Ted Dayton also brought Mel into our family to assist on home photoshoots in 2009; in 2013 he became our architectural photographer. Mel has the most special gift of anyone I know; he has the ability to spread joy with great ease. We share a love of smiling, cupcakes and making others happy.
Mel's accolades are many - here are just a few!
• 2010 Image of the Year, Professional Photographers of L.A. County
• 2010 First Place Best in Class and Best in Show, Professional
Photographers of L.A. County print competition
• 2010-2015 First Place and/or Second Place images in SCV Photographers Association competitions
• 2013 First Place and Judges Choice in 2013 Spring Print Competition - SCVPA
• 2014 Commercial Photographer of the Year, Professional Photographers of L.A. County
• 2014-2015 President, Professional Photographers of L.A. County
• 2015 President, Santa Clarita Valley Business Group
• 2015 Cancer survivor

Eric Killingsworth & Family
Eric Killingsworth & Family
Eric Killingsworth
I have been Eric's official modeling agent since 2007. He has graced our pages for many years with his handsome self. In March of 2013 he worked his way behind the camera and became one of our official photographers. We love the twist of fate that he married another longtime Inside SCV model (since 2009), Sarah, in July of 2013. In March these two very beautiful people had a very beautiful baby boy - welcome to the world Ford! I have been proud to watch Eric hone his craft the last few years and I am pleased to announce the opening of his studio "The Portrait House" in Valencia.

Tara Rochelle
Tara Rochelle
Tara Rochelle
I literally hunted Tara down in March of this year to photograph our prom feature after slightly stalking her for years on Facebook. All I could think of when I met her was, "Where have you been all my life?" She has the innate ability to make everyone feel beautiful and the talent to perfectly capture it. Tara has photographed celebrity weddings and has been published in People Magazine, InStyle and Us Weekly. Tara specializes in senior and teen portraits and opened a Studio in Valencia in April.

Thanks to those who have supported us through the years!
Elodie Ackerman | Lisa Ahrens | Bart Aikman | Michelle Angelo | Linda Arbogast | Andrew Barlam
Kevin Berg | Kelly Bloomfield | Kevin Bloomfield
Amanda Branam | Baylee Brandt | Frank Bulsara | Katie Burbank | Brittany Burbank | Jackie Burbank
Paige Burghardt | Eve Bushman | Thomas Butera | Jim Carstenson
John Calise | Nathan Caswell | Michaela Chapman | Gary Choppe | I.M. Claritan | DeeDee Cooper
Belinda Del-Pesco | Bob Dickson | Derick Dimry | Pamela Dimry
Steve Dole | Karen Doyle | Anna Duran-Valdez | Tara Evans | Adriana (Little A) Farrell
David J. Fender | Margarita Figueroa | Kevin Grant | Marvin Gapultos | Jason S. Gray
Jeff Hacker | Arif Halaby | Amanda Hardy | April Harnish | Eric Harnish | Duane Harte
Duffy Hofer | Eric Huff | Claudia Huntington | Alex Inouye | Bill Johnson
Tyler Johnstone | Val Joyce | Erin Kametani | Sarah Killingsworth | Erin Kotecki Vest | Tarrie Lane
Eugeni Lee | Craig Leener | Tamra Levine | Brian Linden | Karina Linebeck
Johnie MacDonald | Gina Madden | Kurt Maiershofer | Bill McGovern | Jill Mellady | Martha Michael
Teri Montoya | Andrea Nelson- De La Cerda | Paula Nichols
Lori Parkinson | Cory Peterson | Judith Primrose | R & R Creative Photography | Patti Rasmussen
Danny Rha | Faith Rhoten | Jordana Ruhland | Kerri Rosenberg
Michelle Sandoval | Angie Santana | Laurie Sachs | Kim Schafer | Diana Sevanian
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