Smart Financial Advice forFamilies
June, 2012 - Issue #92
Every family needs a financial plan in place. Whether your goal is to get out beneath crushing debt or to save for your child's future, Santa Clarita is filled with top-notch financial pros who have built their reputation on helping people just like you. When it comes to protecting what you have and planning for the future, there's no better time than now. This is one case where it doesn't pay to wait!

Look Long Term when Saving
for your Child's Education

When saving for children's education, the best results are usually achieved if you take a long-term view. Investments need time and patience to improve their chance for success so starting early with a good plan, and sticking to it over the years, is essential. As soon as possible after your child is born, consider getting him/her a Social Security number, consult a financial advisor, have a plan prepared, open an account and start saving. You have several options. (For more info, check out the ad on page 35.) All available plans have certain advantages and disadvantages - depending on your specific family needs - that a financial advisor can explain to you.
Janelle M. Koester is a financial advisor with The Shipper / Koester Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC 818-226-1480

Dog Owners need to Check
their Insurance Policies

We all love our dogs. But if your dog happens to bite someone? Are you insured against a potentially significant claim? Most homeowner's insurance companies exclude certain breeds of dogs from coverage in the event they bite someone. These include German shepards, chows, pit bulls, dobermans and others. Some insurance companies exclude all dogs! You should contact your insurance company to understand what is covered New Dress Up Games Popular Games and what is not. The best safety measure is always common sense and caution. When guests are over, especially children, have your dog placed in a crate or dog run. And always have your dog on a leash when out for a walk.
Barry L. Edzant, Esq. of Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant 222-9929

When Things are Tough, Realize that Isolation is not the Answer
In this economic downturn, a lot of people are feeling hopelessly crushed by debt that they can no longer afford to pay. If this describes you, I am sure you are feeling overwhelmed on every level, feeling depleted not only financially but emotionally as well. You know you need help but perhaps are too embarrassed to even talk to anyone. But the worst thing you can do is to isolate yourself and try to figure it all out on your own while the problems continue to get worse. Don't let this happen to you. At least know all your options. Seek help before it's too late!
Ray Bulaon, Esq. of Ray Bulaon Law Offices, Inc. 866-477-7772
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