The 'Lite' at the End of your Divorce or Custody Tunnel
is a Certified Family Law Specialist
October, 2019 - Issue #181
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"I first contacted Denise after a paralegal handled my actual divorce. Unfortunately, the paralegal hadn't really paid my divorce paperwork much attention and my ex-husband was able to exploit a careless loophole to pay me much less child support than I should have been getting. It was a very tough time and money was tight because of it. I hired Denise and she tried multiple times to settle with my ex out of court, but he refused to be reasonable. When the big court day came, my ex was so rattled by Denise's presence, her knowledge and efficiency, HE QUICKLY GAVE INTO ALL MY REQUESTS before we even went before the judge! Truth be told, she got me more than I was asking for (Including back pay - yay!).
It was a total home run and a huge weight off my shoulders. Since then, I have had no problems with my ex husband and I believe it's because he knows I have a pit bull
in my back pocket! THANKS DENISE - YOU'RE A LIFESAVER!"
Rachel M.'s 5-star review, via Yelp
Would you let your pharmacist perform an emergency appendectomy?

Probably not - even though surgeons and pharmacists have similar starts to their medical education.

But when results really matter, it's a specialist we seek - and that's why, when it comes to family law, Denise Lite's name is synonymous with successful outcomes.

Whether it's divorce or custody, property division or spousal support, Denise's name is the one most mentioned on social-media "in search of" forums, whispered at water coolers and referred by fellow legal professionals.

A quick perusal of her many five-star online reviews summarize why; check them out yourself and see Denise Lite's name used frequently with descriptions like, "miracle worker," "fierce defender," "best decision" and "thank God."

Yes, a great deal of the accolades can be attributed to her personality - the friendly, community-minded Denise has a reputation for being a strategic pit bull for her clients in the court room. But beyond that, it's her above-and-beyond education in the field of family law that has made her a force to be reckoned with.

"I'm not 'just' a lawyer - I'm a certified family law specialist," says Lite. "The California State Bar certifies attorneys as specialists who have gone beyond our standard licensing requirements. This certification reflects my commitment to my specialty and the additional resources and efforts I've invested in understanding the intricacies of family law."

How has this translated in front of a judge? "One client was recently advised by other legal professionals that her ex's overtime pay had no value and shouldn't be considered in a property division. I was familiar with rarely-used case law that said otherwise and my argument based on that precedent put over $60,000 more in my client's pocket," says Lite. "That's just one example of how working with a certified family law specialist can make a very big impact."

Denise Lite Named Super Lawyer 2013-2020
Super Lawyers selects attorneys using a patented multiphase selection process - and Denise Lite has again earned the prestigious designation. Each candidate is evaluated on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement. The objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel. "Every year, this is a welcome announcement," says Lite. "To know that I continue to earn the highest respect from fellow lawyers and legal professionals means so much to me!"
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