The Worst Waterworks
Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Saves SCV Homeowner Thousands
November, 2020 - Issue #194

Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita was hand selected by a national insurance provider to service dozens of customers affected by Hurricane Laura. "This community has been decimated," says Paul Davis's Co-owner Joel Moss. "As soon as we got the call, our teams loaded up and drove round the clock to begin work, which has been 24/7 since we arrived. It's been an honor to work this hard for our new friends in Louisiana."
"We're on our way!"
It was 3am. Just a few minutes prior, Gina had gone downstairs to get a drink of water, but before she was able to put any in a glass, she felt it underfoot.
"The water heater had leaked," she recounts. "But when my husband saw water on the ground that evening, he assumed our son had spilled and didn't think anything of it." By the middle of the night, water had pooled on the ground again - and the capillary action of the drywall was sucking more up like a straw.
"I was mortified. We have gorgeous custom paint, new flooring... I knew that if it wasn't dealt with fast, we were going to lose it all," says the SCV resident. "I called Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita - my neighbors used them after the fires last year and had wonderful things to say about them."
After reaching Paul Davis Restoration's 24/7 live helpline and talking to a friendly coordinator, there was a knock on the door less than an hour later. "I couldn't believe it! I hadn't even gotten a chance to mop up all the mess when a masked, gloved and bootied Paul Davis Restoration water-damage specialist arrived."
Within just a few minutes onsite, the source of the leak was located and attended to, stopping the flow. "I still can't believe how fast it all went," says Gina. "Water was shut off, water was sucked up, industry-grade fans were stationed, moisture levels were measured and we were on our way to a full recovery - with just a little patch of drywall needing to be replaced."
"Now I know why Paul Davis Restoration says, 'Call us first!'" explains the homeowner. "Because they arrived so fast, they were able to get ahead of the damage. What could easily have been a $60,000 insurance claim requiring us to relocate during construction ended up costing less out of pocket than my insurance deductible."
"We're so GRATEFUL to again earn the title of
'Best Of.' We live here, work here and love this town - we couldn't be more honored to be Santa Clarita's top choice for restoration!"
Susan Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita
"The faster the response time, the less damage is usually incurred," explains Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Co-owner Joel Moss. "You wait a little too long on water damage, now you have mold and mildew to contend with, too. Wait on smoke and fire damage - now contaminants have spread to other parts of the house. Our goal is to put lives back together the right way, as fast as possible. It saves our neighbors time, stress and money."

Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Named "Best Of" The list of reasons people call Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita after they've incurred a loss like water, mold, smoke, fire and more are numerous, but the response is always the same: "We're on our way!"
Local Paul Davis owners Joel and Susan Moss have managed to set their company apart in a way that has translated to an ever-expanding referral base of thrilled former clients, insurance agents, realtors and more - plus brand-new expanded headquarters in Valencia. "The greatest honor," says Joel, "is hearing from a new client that a friend or contractor gave them our card and said, 'Don't bother calling anyone else. They'll take care of you.'"
It's that kind of service that led SCV residents to again vote Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita as "Best Of" for 2020.
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