Why You're Grateful to Live in the SCV
November, 2015 - Issue #133
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We asked our Facebook followers "WHY ARE YOU
Here is what they said...

"I have lived in Valencia my entire life. I now am blessed to raise my children here. It still feels like a small town and there is such a sense of community here. We all look out for each other. All year long, there is always something fun or educational for us to get out and do as a family. I can't think of anywhere I would rather live!,"
Christie Crone

"My favorite thing about living in the SCV is all the outside activities. From hiking, playing at the park, jogging on the paseos and hanging out at the mall - we can't go wrong!,"
Julie Tavares

"I moved here in 1986. I knew no one here. Believe it or not, I met so many friends by getting on a dart league in 1990. I still have all of those friends and more. I love that my two kids had the chance to go from pre-school to high school with all of their friends, even coming from a broken family. I didn't have that when I was a kid. Though SCV is growing like crazy, it still feels like a close-knit community. I'm so glad my kids have grown up here,"
Chris Cramer-Sfetku

"I'm grateful to live in Santa Clarita because of its amazing sense of community. Whether you're coming together to support local non-profits, our local schools, or one of our fun community events, you can find friends and family to stand by. This community takes care of one another. I am grateful to have raised four kids here,"
Crystal Blackstone Molidor

"Home for me is the SCV! It's clean, wholesome and harbors friendly people from all walks of life. There's no place like home,"
Tina Phillips

"Great schools and plenty of free parking,"

Besh St.John

"When my husband and I were deciding where to live after we got married eight years ago, we wanted somewhere safe not only for us but also for our future family. Now that we have a 5 year old daughter, we know we made the right choice,"
Devon Bayles Corlew

"I moved here from Orange County 23 years ago and it was the best decision my dad ever made. In 1992, it was a small town that hardly anyone knew about. I had to tell my friends in Orange County I was moving near Magic Mountain so they could have an idea of where I was going to be living. SCV was not as hectic as Orange County and I felt safe walking the streets and riding the bus out here. It also helped that the bus fare was only 10 cents back then, too. 23 years later, I still feel safe and comfortable here although SCV has grown a lot and there is bad with the good; but I would choose to live here more than anywhere else in SoCal. There isn't a day that I don't run into someone I know, and that's a constant reminder that no matter how big SCV grows, it's still smaller than other cities,"
Kathy Herrera

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