10 Tips to Help Parents Raise Children with a Healthy Weight & Body Image
July, 2015 - Issue #129
1. Practice the "Division of Responsibility" for feeding: Parents determine the what, when and where of feeding; the child decides how much and whether.

2. Provide three meals and one to two set, structured snacks per day. Minimize food handouts, grazing and bargaining with food.

3. Represent three food groups at each meal and one or two at each snack. For this purpose food groups are considered grains, protein and fruits/vegetables. It doesn't have to be home cooked to count.

4. Milk and water should be the primary beverages. Keep the soda and juice out of the house.

5. Prioritize family meals. It's never easy. Kick it up a notch today.

6. Model healthy eating and an active lifestyle. They watch even when you think they don't.

7. If you disparage your own body, or your spouse's, they will disparage theirs. Address your own relationship with food and your body.

8. Walks count. Walk the dog, walk to the store, walk to school, walk to the park. A child needs to move at least half an hour a day total. It doesn't have to be all at once.

9. Have a "zero-tolerance" policy towards weight-or appearance-related teasing or comments within the family.

10. Provide your child with praise and positive comments that focus on his or her qualities other than appearance. Try to avoid commenting on anyone else's weight.

Dr. Elaine Levenson Rosen has been a practicing pediatrician in the greater Los Angela area for 22 years. She is new to the Santa Clarita area and to Facey Medical Group. Originally from Houston, Texas, Dr. Rosen is a graduate of Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital.

Between 1993 and 2008, Dr. Rosen supported many parents in raising their children from her group practice in Tarzana, California. Between 2008 and 2013, she branched out to develop her own unique niche working with children and teens with overweight and eating disorders. She returned to general pediatrics in 2013, using the knowledge acquired in her specialty area to help parents promote healthy weight and body image for their children from the get-go. Dr. Rosen brings substantial personal experience as a mother into her professional life, having raised four children, now ranging in age from 15 to 23.
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Santa Clarita 513-2100, Valencia 222-2620
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