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April, 2016 - Issue #138
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Bring the Family!
Annual KHTS Home & Garden Show Now Four Mega Events in One

The KHTS Home & Garden show, held Saturday and Sunday, April 16 and 17, combines four shows to create a one-weekend mega event at Central Park. Along with the KHTS Home & Garden Show and the KHTS Emergency Expo, the show has added the annual Earth Day and Arbor Day events in cooperation with the City of Santa Clarita. The show also added an extensive Arts and Crafts show, along with a special KHTS Home & Garden Marketplace area. Food trucks and a special kids area have also been added this year.

"This year's show is bigger than ever, with over 300 exhibitors," shares KHTS radio Co-owner Carl Goldman. "We've added many components this year, including a special quilt exhibit, a new kids section including the Shakey Quakey and a special retail and crafts area in our new KHTS Home & Garden marketplace."

The kids will love climbing on-board a fire truck, hitting the siren on a sheriff patrol car and watching a demonstration of the "Jaws of Life" by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Parents will discover design, decorating and maintenance tips from the top local Santa Clarita Home and Garden specialists and enjoy viewing the latest local crafts and artwork by Santa Clarita artists. Homeowners will be able to explore the latest in solar energy, pool and backyard design, kitchen remodeling and other home improvements.

The show is free to the public and most vendors are Santa Clarita businesses that have been based in our valley for many years. "We've taken great care to provide a wide selection of products to enhance the visiting experience," added KHTS Co-owner Jeri Seratti-Goldman. "We've limited the amount of participants in each category. I've visited other trade shows where there are 18 solar companies. We are much more selective."

Santa Clarita local nurseries will be featuring special landscape displays, with plants available for purchase at heavily-discounted prices. You'll find special cooking demonstrations and cool arts, crafts and other design items for special accents in your home, too.

There will be art projects for the kids, plus tree plantings in the Earth Day and Arbor Day area. Take home a kitten or puppy as animal rescue organizations share how you may adopt a pet and save a dog or cat. "We've also added a special alternative vehicle expo as a fundraiser for the Santa Clarita Sunrise Rotary on Sunday," says Carl Goldman.

The KHTS Emergency Expo will be happening all day Saturday at Central Park inside the KHTS Home & Garden show, along with the other events already mentioned. There will be many exciting demonstrations from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, California Highway Patrol, the Santa Clarita Sheriffs, the City of Santa Clarita and more emergency and safety businesses and organizations.
Show times are Saturday, April 16, from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, April 17 from 10am to 4pm.


Taylor, Tanner and Torrin
Taylor, Tanner and Torrin

"My three kids - Taylor, Tanner and Torrin - began pursuing acting, modeling and singing while we were living in Arizona. I even commuted for a year from Phoenix to Los Angeles with them to make sure this was really what they wanted. We did tons of research on great acting classes to attend, what agents to take meetings with, etc. In the hours and hours I put into endless phone calls and e-mails to different schools, we found the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts (SCSOPA). I called them and the staff at SCSOPA was super nice and knowledgeable and they connected me to Mr. Mike. He was amazing and told us to come to one of his open houses. The next week we went to SCSOPA and we were very impressed by what the school had to offer. We decided that we would move to Santa Clarita and no longer just commute so that the kids could attend SCSOPA regularly. I have to say it is the best decision we made. Since starting SCSOPA, my kids' careers are taking off. We signed with our manager and the kids are out every day on auditions. They have worked on the ABC sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat," "Field Agent" and several national commercials currently running for Forza 5 video games, Cold Stone Creamery and National Bar S. There are many more projects we are waiting on as well. My kids are in the position they are today because of SCSOPA. I give many thanks to Mike and his staff for making my kids' dreams a reality! Mike really knows the industry - so if he speaks, listen!" Kelly Kimberly


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Share an Elegant Mother & Daughter Tea
On Saturday, May 7, the Santa Clarita Ballet Company will host "Tea & Toeshoes" at the Valencia Country Club. Each of the two seatings - one at 11am and one at 2pm - will include a performance by ballerinas in full costume. Nibble on scones, fancy sandwiches and treats while participating in the "Best Hat"competition, silent auction and raffle. For mothers and daughters ages 3 and up. Tickets are $70 for adults; $55 for children under 12. Call for reservations.

Pet Tip of the Month
Spring Clean your Pet's Stuff, Too

It's that time of year when baseboards get scrubbed and rugs are dusted - and it's also the time of year to get in the habit of cleaning Pooch's stuff, too! Did you know that your pet's bedding should be washed in warm water using a small amount of fragrance-free detergent once a week? That's how often you should also be scrubbing your dog's dishes and toys. Many can even be placed in the dishwasher for disinfecting. This is also a great time to inspect your pet's collar and tags. Are they in good condition and easily read? Finally, no spring cleaning is complete without a grooming session! Make it convenient and organic by relying on a trusted company that goes straight to your door.
Hollywood Mobile Pet Grooming 526-4125

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A Natural Birth that's Best for Mom & Baby
How did we get to the point where a third of all babies in this country are born via cesarean section? Many first-time mothers who reach their 40th week of pregnancy are given the option to go to the hospital to induce labor. We tamper with the natural order of pregnancy. And the more we tamper, the more likely a birth ends in surgery.

Midwives at the SCV Birth Center are experts in normal childbirth. They believe in a woman's ability to give birth naturally. Statistically, the safest place for a low-risk woman to give birth is at home or in a birth center with a trained midwife. When working with a trained midwife, a woman can eat and drink and move around freely. She will have continuity of care throughout her pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experience. She is more likely to be treated and her progress evaluated as an individual, rather than being sacrificed to protocols or statistical averages. She is much less likely to need pain medications and the risk of cesarean section is greatly reduced. She will not be subjected to routine procedures such as continuous electronic monitoring or routine use of IV fluids and she'll see a decrease in postpartum depression.

The SCV Birth Center is well-equipped to handle the very rare unforeseen emergency. Their midwives carry emergency medications and equipment and are trained and certified in Neonatal Resuscitation, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Obstetrics (ALSO) and Advanced Fetal Monitoring.

In spite of best efforts, complications do rarely arise. An individualized transfer-of-care plan is established during a patient's prenatal care. This plan designates a specific collaborating physician and hospital that will warmly accept Mom in the event a transport to a hospital is necessary. Although at that point your midwife is no longer the primary care provider, they will remain with you and function as in-hospital labor support. Most transports are not "911" emergencies; they simply put Mother in the car and drive to the hospital that she has previously designated.
SCV Birth Center 254-3000
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