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November, 2016 - Issue #145
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Saturday | November 12
Oak Tree Gun Club Hosts Annual
Jacob Zamora Sporting Clays Memorial Shoot

This 13th-annual event benefits the California Highway Patrol Explorer program as well as provides scholarships to local high school students. Win raffle items, enjoy live entertainment, great food and prizes for top shooters. In only 19 years of life, Jacob Zamora touched many with his kindness and vibrant personality. Jacob dreamed of becoming a CHP officer; the foundation that boasts his name is committed to helping young women and men in our community make their own dreams a reality.


"My son Richard Nicholas Quijas wanted to be an actor since before he could speak in complete sentences. He would be watching his TV shows and say, 'Mom, me there!' I was definitely not prepared to take that step. But one day in October, while walking around a store looking for a Halloween costume, Ricky was acting silly and trying out different costumes. He was pretending to be all those characters. Renee from SCSOPA came up to us and invited us to visit the school. At this point I could no longer ignore Ricky's love for acting. He begged for the opportunity to visit the school. As he put it, 'Mom, this is my calling! Renee is the sign we had been waiting for. Please mom, give me a chance!' What mom could ignore and say no to those pleas? The very next morning we scheduled a meeting to visit the school. Mike and his wonderful staff were so professional that we walked out of there with a signed contract. Ricky was so excited and thankful for the opportunity to follow his dream that he did not sleep well all night. We began attending acting, modeling, dance and voiceover classes right away. Then we realized that every Saturday agents and managers were at the school auditioning talent. Ricky immediately wanted to audition for them. Lucky for us, the very first agent we met asked us to sign up. We were very fortunate. Ricky was ecstatic! Thanks to SCSOPA and the reputable agent, Ricky was able to get a photoshoot with Nickelodeon; a Target national commercial, internet commercial, photoshoot and 'behind the scenes' feature. Ricky's lifelong dream of being famous and on TV is now coming true." Maria Quijas


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Pet Tip of the Month
How to Show your Dog that You're Grateful for their Love

Safety first! Put a "Pet Alert" sign in your window that will notify emergency personnel that there are animals in the home in case of a fire or other emergency. You can buy one from a pet store or make your own; just be sure to mark how many of each species you have on your property.
Playing with your pup seems like a no brainer but it can be easy to let the day's stressors get in the way of a game of fetch, tug of war or a trip to the dog park. Dedicate just five minutes a day to pup play (More is better, of course - but commit to something you know you can manage!) to reduce stress for you and Fido; it's also a way to add a bit of exercise to both of your days.
Teach that "old" dog some new tricks! Some breeds can become depressed and destructive if they don't keep their brains occupied. Keep them busy with training and tricks or enroll them in an obedience or agility class.
Hollywood Dog Grooming 526-4125
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Legacy Christian Academy Named "Best Christian School" & "Best Private School" Again in 2016
Santa Clarita's premier private school, Legacy Christian Academy, has again been named "Best Christian School" and "Best Private School" by readers of The Signal. These awards are a reflection of Legacy's superb teachers, support staff and leadership team, each of whom work tirelessly to carry out the mission of the school: to pursue well-rounded academic excellence and the development of Christian character in Legacy students within a Christian, family-oriented, safe learning environment. This remarkable recognition is also a reflection of the quality of families and students within the Legacy community.

Interested in learning more about this distinctive Academy, which was the only private educational institution in Los Angeles County (And one of only 50 in the entire country!) to be named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2015? Attend one of their upcoming Information Nights.
Kindergarten Info Night October 20 6:30pm
Middle School Info Night October 27 6:30pm
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

SCVi Shares Passion for Lifelong Learning
Families Invited to Tour Campus of Tuition-free Public Charter School
SCVi Charter School is inviting families to tour the tuition-free public charter school to see what all the excitement is about: project-based learning that encourages students to develop socially and emotionally, follow their passions and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Tours are offered Tuesdays at 9am and families are encouraged to make a reservation. SCVi has a few spots open for mid-year transfers, and the deadline to sign up for the 2017 enrollment lottery is February 24.

SCVi, the founding campus of iLEAD Schools, welcomes learners from TK through 12th grade. At iLEAD Schools, students learn in a project-based environment that is designed to prepare them to lead and succeed in a rapidly-changing world. This project-based, student-centered approach to learning is paying dividends for thousands of students at SCVi and other iLEAD locations.

SCVi Charter School is a national leader in project-based deeper learning and authentic learning experiences that have real-world applications. SCVi is located in Castaic.

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How to Scare Away Cavity Bugs this Halloween

"Trick or treat, give me something good to eat!" Halloween is all about the sweets, which can still be part of the fun as long as they are consumed in moderation and followed by brushing and flossing. Cavities form when the bacteria in your mouth comes in contact with the sugars in our food and produces acid that eventually can break down the enamel. Want to skip a trip to the dentist for a cavity fill (Or three!)? Keep these tips in mind.
Sticky, gooey treats like caramels and gummies are the worst for teeth because they tend to stick to the deep grooves and pits of the chewing surfaces, making it more challenging to remove. Remember, the longer that sugar is available, the more acid will be produced and will be more likely to cause tooth decay. Sour candies are a very popular treat but also are very acidic, making sour gummy treats a double threat to our teeth.
Chocolates, especially dark varieties, contain antioxidants that can inhibit the bacteria from sticking to the teeth, making them a better choice than many other Halloween treats.
Chewing gum containing xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar substitute, not only increases saliva production to help rinse off food particles but decreases the acid because the bacteria cannot metabolize it. Yay for xylitol gum!
Cheese and milk can increase the levels of calcium in saliva, which helps to remineralize teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables also increase saliva flow and decrease the bacteria levels. These are great pre and post trick-or-treating snacks! And, of course, have the kids drink lots of water after eating treats to dislodge and prevent food from getting stuck on teeth.
After the fun is done, help your children sort through their candy haul and pick out their favorite ones. Set a limit on how many they can keep and agree on how many they can have each day, preferably eaten after a meal or with a snack. Donate the remaining candy or, as many do, return home, choose favorites and drop the extra candy in someone else's treat bag!
Valencia Children's Dental Group 294-1800
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