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March, 2017 - Issue #149
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Open Enrollment for Ages 18 Months to Transitional Kinder Begins March 3
Exceptional Care & Education for your Child
Offering options for early learners, preschool, pre-K and transitional-K, including full and half-day schedules, before-and-after school programs for elementary-age students, summer camps and more, Sunshine Learning Centers will open enrollment on March 3. Sunshine has been serving the SCV community for over 20 years and has locations on Wiley Canyon Road and Newhall Ranch Road to serve your family. And - it's never too early to plan ahead for Summer Camp! Sunshine summer camp offers Kinder through sixth grade and runs June 12 to August 4, with enrollment beginning March 6.
Sunshine Learning Centers 294-1970 or 254-6855


"I cannot thank Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts enough! A few years ago my daughters, Gail and Rylee, told me they wanted to become actors. As a mother, I wanted to help them pursue their dreams. There was only one problem; we lived in Missouri. Our agent in Missouri, Shawn Brogan, told us if we were planning on moving to LA that we needed to move to Santa Clarita and take classes from Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts. This was the best decision I could have made for my girls. We packed up everything and moved across the country to attend this school. After signing my daughters into SCSOPA, not only did their careers skyrocket but so did their confidence levels and their self-esteem. Within a few months my daughters started getting three to four auditions a week, including Disney and Nickelodeon. My girls have booked jobs for BMW, Cartoon Network, Omaha Steaks and many more. I know that all their success would never have happened if it wasn't for Mike and his fabulous staff at Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts. SCSOPA has exceeded my expectations! We are beyond impressed with everything about this school and, best of all, they truly do care and love my girls." Jenette Cruz


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Childhood can be Rough!
How to Treat Knocked-out Teeth

A knocked-out permanent tooth requires quick thinking and immediate action. You'll increase the chances that the tooth can be saved if you pick it up without touching the root, gently clean it off with water, and put it back in its socket facing the correct way. Hold it in place with gentle pressure as you rush to the dental office or emergency room. If you can't replant it immediately, tuck it between the patient's cheek and gum or carry it in a container of cold milk. Do note that knocked-out baby teeth should not be placed back in the socket, since it can cause possible damage to the developing teeth. Most often, treatment consists of palliative care like cold compresses, analgesics and lots of TLC.

For a tooth that has been moved or loosened, treatment needs to occur within six hours. However, if there is uncontrollable bleeding, go immediately to the ER. Fortunately, the dental injuries that happen most frequently are less severe. The most common traumatic dental injuries are chipped teeth. If a tooth is chipped, try to find any pieces that have come off, as it might be possible to reattach them. Make an appointment for an office visit as soon as possible and bring the pieces with you.
Valencia Children's Dental Group 294-1800

Wicall's Family-owned & Operated Flooring Company
Helping SCV Families for 49 Years

In Santa Clarita, there's a flooring company that is so focused on family that they've kept their own business family owned and operated for a whopping 49 years. So, when it's time to think about who might best understand the trials and tribulations that come with re-decorating a house with kids underfoot, you'll do well by heading over to Wicall's Carpets & Flooring.

There's few options more luxurious than wood flooring, but many parents hesitate on this product despite the warmth and gorgeous glow it provides. With a little special care, though, wood floors can be kid friendly! Here are a few ways to prevent damage to wood floors.

Dust often! Prevent scratches caused by dust by using mats, rugs and a little elbow grease. You'll want to buy a good-quality broom and sweep regularly. A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar can also be helpful to get bits of dirt that have settled between planks.

Don't mop! Since wood naturally expands when wet, never wet mop or use excessive water to clean your floor. Worried about spills for the same reason? Don't panic - just clean them up as soon as they happen. (And invest in sippy cups with great lids!)

Do purchase a wood-cleaning kit! Most manufacturers have warranties on their hardwood and also provide care instructions. Read those carefully so you don't void your warranty. A quality wood-cleaning kit, stored away from little fingers, will keep your floor in peak condition so that pitter-pattering feet can enjoy the warmth and luster underneath.

Still think wood is too much trouble? Wicall's also has an incredible selection of carpet and vinyl flooring in house and ready to install now! 259-6040
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