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October, 2017 - Issue #157
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How Gymnastics Improves your Child's Overall Athletic Performance
In today's "do it all" world, many children participate in more than one sport. Much has been written on the topic of gymnastics training - and how it can help improve performance in other fields. While many kids are exclusively gymnasts at heart, those that love other sports too will benefit from the following, thanks to gymnastics education.
Improved Coordination • Superior Flexibility • Better Balance
More Strength & Power • Expanded Range of Movements
Better Understanding of Goal Setting • Improved Coachability
Wallers' GymJam Academy 251-3390


"First and foremost, I would like to give a big thanks to Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts (SCSOPA) and its outstanding staff. They helped develop and shape the talent of my son Julian Pena. From an early age, Julian showed an interest in the arts of acting, modeling and drawing. Julian is always ready to participate in extracurricular activities in his school that involves his hobbies. In December 2016, we enrolled at SCSOPA and began a more professional training in various courses that include acting, modeling, dancing and voice overs. It's at this great school that Julian has given growth to his artistic abilities. Not only has SCSOPA helped developed Julian's career but has also given him more confidence and reasons to believe in himself and strive to be his best. By February of 2017, Julian was signed to Bella Agency. Since then, he has auditioned many times and landed his first TV commercial role for Church's Chicken. This role has encouraged Julian to keep reaching for his dreams. Other than the commercial, Julian has also been part of two local Macy's fashion shows." ~parents Omar and Addy


City and Sheriffs Urge Pedestrians and Drivers HEADS UP!
It's time to model good behavior, parents! In partnership with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station, the City of Santa Clarita is launching its "Heads Up" campaign to combat distracted driving and increase pedestrian safety. The campaign will educate drivers and pedestrians on crosswalk and roadway safety in an effort to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents, vehicle collisions, injuries and fatalities in Santa Clarita.

Since incorporation, one of the City's top priorities has been the safety of residents on City streets. Although SCV's traffic collision rate has remained well below the state average, there has been a recent uptick in accidents. This led to the development of the new and expanded educational plan. "Heads Up" is the next phase in the City's award-winning "Drive. Focus. Live." program that launched in Fall 2016, which focused on distracted driving, speeding, driving under the influence and unsafe driving.

"Heads Up" banners and advertisements will be seen throughout Santa Clarita and social media content will center on four main messages:

1. See and Be Seen - Pedestrians should always assume that there is a car planning to turn through a crosswalk in front of them. Take time to make eye contact with waiting drivers and cross the street only when you can confidently do so.

2. Use the Crosswalk - Simply put, never jaywalk. Many pedestrian accidents occur when people try to run across the street rather than taking the time to safely use a crosswalk.

3. Expect People in Crosswalks - Drivers should always check twice, then check again, for pedestrians before making a turn. Take special caution in school zones.

4. Disconnect from Distractions - Using a cellphone when driving is illegal in California and can be potentially life threatening. Put away any and all distractions before you start the car. Texts and calls can wait until you reach your destination.

Heads Up crossing guard style signs will be available at local school crosswalks so students can get in on getting the word out. As pedestrians step into the crosswalk at several key City intersections they will see the words "Heads Up" stenciled on the asphalt. The City has also teamed up with local coffee shops to spread the message via coffee sleeves. As people purchase their hot cup of joe they will notice the words, "Drivers. Pedestrians. Heads up! The coffee can wait. A life can't."
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Find Time to Horse Around with Family
Don E Brook Farms was founded nearly 60 years ago with the intention of providing the best riding experiences for both humans and horses. Today, that legacy continues through their wide variety of riding lessons, boarding services, party options and special-event opportunities. Don E Brook's mission is to become your family's home away from home - a place where you can relax, connect with nature, have fun, be revitalized and experience the power and majesty of your horse or theirs. Their staff is committed to ensuring that every person and animal that steps onto the gorgeous property is treated with warmth and respect; the utmost in care; and with the hope to create a life-long relationship that can span generations. Don E Brook Farms is able to effectively accommodate every level rider - from children and adults who've never seen a horse up close to expert riders. Daily group lessons are only $35 and open to any age - including adults, kids and teens; horses and trainers for any level rider are available Monday through Friday at 3:45pm, Saturdays at 7:45am, 8:30am and 10am. You can just walk in - or call for more details.

What New Parents should Know
about Baby's First Pediatric Dental Visit

New parents have plenty to worry about: making sure their baby is healthy and happy, re-arranging their lives around hectic schedules and lost sleep, and figuring out what to do in all sorts of novel situations. When it comes to your child's oral health, though, there's plenty of help available. It all begins at a pediatric dental office, when you bring your youngster in for his or her first visit to the dentist.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child's first checkup should occur by age 1. Surprised? You shouldn't be! Even though there may only be a few baby teeth visible at that age, there are plenty of things a pediatric dentist can start working on - including the development of healthy habits that will make future visits to the dentist far more pleasurable.

Unfortunately, some kids develop tooth decay at an early age. They will be on the lookout for cavities - but that's only one reason for an early visit to your pediatric office. Equally important is reviewing the proper ways to care for a young child's mouth, going over your child's developmental milestones and discussing the importance of good oral hygiene.
Valencia Children's Dental Group 294-1800
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