Family Time
May, 2019 - Issue #176
This Month, Why don't You...
Up your kid's swimming abilities? When you grow up in So Cal, being a swimmer isn't just a "for fun" thing - it's a "for safety" thing, too. The better your child is at swimming, the more they'll enjoy - and stay safe - in the water. Locally, The Paseo Club is the premier aquatics program that draws the best professional coaching staff in the region. Offering every level of education, from "learn to swim" to top-level athletics, private, semi-private and group packages make learning from USA-Swimming Certified instructors budget friendly for every family. Bonus: Parents can enjoy the resort-like setting while their child learns in comfortable 82-degree water. Both members and non-members alike can register.
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Schedule a spring cleaning - for your mouth? Get the whole family in and done during convenient Saturday appointments at
Dr. Marvin Tong's new location in Valencia.
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284

"We started our kids at the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts in 2013. Today, our kids have agents and are working full-time SAG-AFTRA actors. Without SCSOPA, my kids would not be doing what they are doing. They have projects from "VICE," "American Horror Stories," School of Rock," Cousins for Life," "Henry Danger," "American Housewife," "911," "American Vandal," Pizza Hut, plus many more on Amazon and the Disney channel. I give so much credit to the teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication to the students. The training that they provide has helped all three of my kids excel in the industry. Hands down, it's the best choice we have made for our children. They have college funds set and are preparing for adulthood the right way. This school is a one-stop shop to everything and anything you need to succeed in the entertainment industry. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, because of the great family atmosphere, and the ever surrounding support." Jason & Kelly Kimberly

A Letter to Myself, as a Young Mom
The nights that seemed to drag on still do, but now it's because of curfews, not feeding schedules. You still wipe away tears, but you're a long way from your kisses making everything better. They still look to you for a good meal, but in the fridge instead of your arms.
As motherhood grew easier, life proportionally became harder for those you love the most. Puppy love nips and scars. Friends move. Finals are tough. People can be so mean.
But it was in your tender touch that they learned they will always have a soft place to fall. It was your smile they saved for rainbows on a gloomy day. Home became wherever you are.
You did good, mama. And while it's bittersweet to look back at all that was, the present makes every one of us grateful for what is - because of you.
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