Family Time
December, 2020 - Issue #195

SCSOPA Student Named Miss United States
Tiffany has been involved in pageantry for 14 years and was crowned Miss California United States on August 9, 2020. After competing in interview, swimsuit, evening gown and an onstage speech about her platform, Tiffany earned the prestigious title of Miss United States. Her plan is to work diligently promoting her platform, "Volunteerism through Mentorship." Tiffany is also a student of the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts.
Says the title holder: "I learned about the school through pageantry. I was walking in for a practice session one day with my director and Mike Josten approached me. Mike is wonderful and extremely helpful. Even though I haven't been a student for very long, I have already learned valuable skills to help me progress in this industry. SCSOPA provides a multitude of opportunities to those who want to become part of the family. I am taking acting and modeling classes to help me thrive in my year as Miss United States with poise and confidence."
Tiffany Rea was crowned Miss United States 2020 on October 14, 2020 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
photography by Franz Orban for The Code Productions & The United States National Pageants
hair & makeup by Beauty by Lady Code • styling by Get Media Ready

courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

Make Presence your Present
Sure, it's fun to see a big pile of wrapped gifts under the tree, but for presents with presence, consider treating the family to experiences and connections they'll never forget.

Head Out for a Private Trail Ride
Gather your small group for a horseback ride through Santa Clarita's riverbed, exploring the flora and fauna of our community. The screen-free experience is perfect for riders 6 and up and is sure to make a memorable impression you'll talk about for years to come. Gift certificates are available for purchase online.

Clear Out the SheltersGift twice by providing a forever home to a shelter pet - and a best friend to your family. Treat your new treasure to the best in grooming, toys, food and accessories at Pet Supplies Plus in Stevenson Ranch or take advantage of their free local delivery.

Glow On
The family that plays together, stays together! Rent in-home fun like Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headsets, jumbo projection screens for outdoor movie nights, an outdoor video game van with four TVs and more via GlowHouse Gaming.
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

Keep your Pets Healthy this Holiday Season
It's fun to see our pets enjoy themselves, but keep treats to the sort made just for your fur-baby. Common holiday foods, like these below, can cause discomfort - and even death.
Chocolate Although the toxicity can vary based on the type of chocolate, the size of your pet, and the amount they ate, it's safer to consider all chocolate off limits for pets.
Turkey & Turkey Skin
Even small amounts can contain enough fat to trigger pancreatitis in pets.

Table Scraps
Things like onions, raisins and grapes can be deadly to some pets. Other fattening foods can also lead to pancreatitis.

Turkey Carcass
Make sure and wrap up and carefully dispose of the turkey carcass bones - it is a very tempting target after everyone has gone to sleep that can cause all sorts of problems if ingested.

Yeast Dough
It can cause gas and lead to painful bloating.

Also, try to decorate with pets in mind. Your animals can tip over Christmas trees trying to get ornaments - so secure the top with fishing string to anchor it to a wall or ceiling. Make sure pets aren't drinking from the tree's water dish - for both your pet's sake as well as the tree's. Some people add aspirin to the water to keep the tree green, but that can be deathly dangerous to dogs and cats.Ornaments and tinsel on the tree are very tempting to curious cats and mischievous dogs. Keep them out of reach. Tinsel doesn't digest and can lead to all sorts of gastric issues. Another no-brainer: make sure there are no tempting lightbulb power cords to chew on.

Probably the biggest culprit for an emergency visit to the vet during the holidays are the many green things that pets will sometimes try to eat. Amaryllis, mistletoe, balsam, pine, cedar and holly are among the common holiday plants that can be dangerous and even poisonous to pets who decide to eat them. Poinsettias can be troublesome, as well. The same thing goes for liquid potpourris. Don't leave candy unattended, either. An artificial sweetener often found in baked goods, candy and chewing gum - xylitol - has been linked to liver failure and death in dogs.
Happy Pets Veterinary Center 295-9972

Did You Schedule... ?
If your dental benefits plan is like most others, it will reset on a calendar year basis, which means you'll lose out on all unused benefits after December 31. This means you may have dental dollars that will disappear when your plan renews on January 1. Get the most for your money and make these appointments today.
Did you schedule... your family's routine dental checkups?
Did you schedule... any necessary restorative dental treatments?
This is a very busy time for most dental practices - book soon to ensure you have an appointment before the end of the year.
Santa Clarita Children's Dental 735-1500
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