Family Time
May, 2021 - Issue #199
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Free Sports Equipment Check-Out & Snacks Offered
at 55 LA County Parks and 20 Cities' Local Parks

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation (LA County Parks) has launch a movement to get kids playing outdoors with Every Body Plays, a program that provides free access to a variety of recreational programming and equipment such as balls, jump ropes, athletic equipment and games while visiting their local parks. Youth can check out sports equipment free while visiting local parks Tuesdays through Saturdays from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. There is no pre-registration required for Every Body Plays. To participate, youth must present a house key, school ID, or other forms of identification to rent equipment. Equipment that can be checked out will be based on the amenities each specific facility has to offer. Scheduled days and times vary by park. Locally, you can find LA County park facilities in Castaic.

"I attended Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts 11 years ago and I still feel like that little kid who has a dream! SCSOPA is a great institute to learn and build your skills in Hollywood. They offer a range of different classes so you can be prepared to work in the industry. My best advice is: Take the classes seriously if you want to prosper in Hollywood and have a successful career. I went from studying my scenes and having them prepared for class to now studying my scenes and having them be prepared to be shot on set, working with some great names in this industry. I have worked on television, movies, short films, commercials, live plays and even voiceovers. I knew I had to work my tail off and I am proud to say that because of my hard work and dedication - and with the help of SCSOPA who provided the opportunity for agents and managers to come check me out weekly - I was able to work with Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow, Ellen Barkin, James Franco, Cee Lo Green and more. Most recently, I worked with Amy Poehler on her hit film on Netflix, 'Moxie.' I play a supporting role in the movie, 'Jason Garza.' It is in the top 10 on Netflix. Remember: Hard work and dedication is your ally, not your adversary." Joshua Darnell Walker

What You Need to Know about Children & Water
The National Institute of Health released a long-awaited study that concludes that participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88-percent reduction in the risk of drowning in children between the ages of 1 to 4.
Drowning is the number-one cause of accidental death for children under 5 in the state of California - and many who don't drown suffer irreversible brain damage. "We are delighted by the research because it conveys a message to our families that swim lessons are not only a valuable learning and healthy activity, but also a confirmed layer of protection against drowning accidents," said Johnny Johnson, founder and president of the Swim for Life Foundation and president of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. "If you want to take the next step in making your children safer around water, expose them to swimming lessons to foster skills that last a lifetime."
The research should ease concerns that swim lessons may lead to parental inattention. Swimming lessons are considered an appropriate part of a comprehensive drowning prevention strategy that should also include pool fencing, adult supervision and CPR training.
"Many of us in the learn-to-swim world have believed for years that lessons impact a child's behavior and are a factor in drowning prevention," said Johnson. "We encourage parents to be involved and educated about the multiple strategies of prevention as promoted by the Safer 3 Drowning Prevention Program: Safer Water - barriers with gates that lock; Safer Kids - parental supervision and swimming instruction; and Safer Response - knowledge of CPR."
For more information on swimming and water safety, contact Academy Swim Club. 702-8585
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National Rescue Dog Day is May 20
How to Promote Pet Rescue & Share the Love

If you've ever shared a loving look with a pound pup through chain-link doors or had your heart skip a beat when you laid eyes on your future BFF at a shelter, you know first hand just how awesome a rescue dog can be. According to the ASPCA, over 3.3 million doggos are dropped at shelters every year - and every one of them deserves a fur-ever home. On May 20, take to social media to help "clear the shelters" of deserving dogs who need a new family. Here's how to do it.
Share your "gotcha" story with friends and family - because everyone loves a "meet cute" story! If applicable, link the rescue in your post or host a Facebook fundraiser for 'em at the same time.
Normalize that awkward adjustment period - it can take two weeks to two months for a well-socialized pooch to get into the swing of things, but a less-socialized furbabe could take up to a year. Talking about the process you went through can prevent a dog from being returned to the shelter because they "don't fit in."
Be sure to post pics of your sweetie on social media on May 20 - and use a hashtag like #rescuedogday to get the idea trending!
Want to treat your rescue baby extra sweet? High-end food and toys are available locally for less at Pet Supplies Plus in Stevenson Ranch with free curbside pickup in an hour or less.
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Gilchrist Farm Announces Mounted Archery Series for 2021
What could be more fun than practicing your skills with bows and arrows - on horseback? Mounted archery classes and workshops are appropriate for children 7 years old through ambitious seniors - and it's a great activity for the whole family to try out together. You can celebrate a birthday, event or achievement during one of their signature mounted archery workshops.
Even more exciting - the new series, which is perfect for students who have taken their introductory class or have experience with mounted archery. In this three-part series, students will have the opportunity to develop riding for mounted archery, communication with the horse, physical elements of balance and connection and refine their use of the bow, shooting and coordination.
Not into arrows? Maybe axes are more your thing. Gilchrist Farm is also offering ax throwing, goat yoga and so much more.
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