Family Time
August, 2021 - Issue #202
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Your Family's Weekend just got More Fun
Gilchrist Farm is now open Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 2pm - no reservation required. Head over for a farm visit this weekend! Your fam can ride ponies, snuggle goats, make a craft, ride the train, meet cows, hang out with horses and see ducks and chickens up close. You can even try your hand at archery and axe throwing.
Gilchrist Farm 645-2517

"Looking for a fun, new activity for your children? What about something that will build their confidence, help them develop their public speaking skills and give them the opportunity to start a career in the performing arts? Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts is the right place! My son Wyatt, 5, is always full of energy. I was looking for something that could help him channel his energy positively, an activity that would help him practice paying attention and create focus. I called SCSOPA and connected with Mike, who invited us in for a tour. He worked with my budget so Wyatt could start right away. Our enrollment also included headshots with a wonderful photographer. Although my younger son Weston, 18 months, wasn't old enough for classes yet, Mike helped me to get his headshots done, too. Wyatt loved the classes and learned how to slate his name and present lines for commercial auditions right away. We began meeting with the agents who come to the school every Saturday and both boys were signed within our first month of being there! We can't wait to see what the future holds and we know that SCSOPA and the wonderful staff there will be in our corner supporting us every step of the way!"
The Clark Family
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No Lost Athletic Socks or Time
What we missed: Kids' athletics. What we didn't: Countless laundry loads of jerseys, sport towels and special socks. That's why we're taking Newhall Coin Laundry up on their offer to save us time - affordably. With drop off, pick up and delivery available, plus 20 percent off our first fluff and fold order when you mention Inside SCV, it's the no-brainer of the season.
Newhall Coin Laundry 476-5966

Teens & Teeth
Don't let your Older Kids Slack on Dental Care

Snooze buttons. Unlimited soda refills. Sleep overs.
There are lots of reasons that teens skip out on proper oral hygiene practices. As caregivers, it's our job to provide guidance, modeling and encouragement to keep them healthy. Here are a few teen-approved ways to get your older kids on board with better oral health.
Teach teens to brush as long as their favorite song, which probably lasts between the recommended scrubbing time of two to three minutes.
Stash plenty of tooth-friendly snacks in the house - pre-cut veggies, bottled water, whole-grain breads and fresh fruits are all better options than empty-calorie sweets.
Purchase teen-friendly hygiene products like whitening toothpastes and fresh-breath mouth washes that will also provide fluoride and cavity protection.
Model healthy self-care practices. "I'm so tired - but I know that if I don't floss, my teeth are going to feel grungy. It'll just take a minute, so I'll do it now."
Don't skimp on their twice-a-year checkups - and teach them to schedule these themselves. Getting them in the habit now means the practice is more likely to carry over when they go to college or move out on their own.
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284
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The Top 2020 Dog Names may Surprise You
Champ has always been our favorite monklier for a pup, but it didn't even crack
the top 25 dog names last year. Did your furbabe's name make the list?
Pet Supplies Plus Stevenson Ranch

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LYTE Up with Professional Dance Classes & More for the Whole Family
From Tiny Tots and Mommy and Me classes to performance and competition teams, adult classes like Hip Hop and Cardio Dance Fitness, senior fitness classes and much more, LYTE Dance Academy has us... lit!
Ready to feel the groove yourself - or introduce your child to dance, gymnastics, acting or vocal education? No matter which you choose, your first class is free - and every course is taught by leaders in the entertainment industry. You won't just learn steps - you'll develop real skills, thanks to well-respected choreographers and instructors.
When you become part of the LYTE Dance Academy family, there's no limit to how you can benefit from the community. Parents Night Out events, their popular WinterShow experience, morning fitness classes and more keep your crew feeling connected and supported. You can even rent the space for your next birthday party or special event!
LYTE Dance Academy 476-5715

Local resident Serenity Grace Russell, 6, just won the Miss Elementary America 1st Grade title! Serenity is taking home big prizes, including $5,000 cash, a $500 American Girl Doll Shopping Spree, a trip to Nashville, a Caribbean cruise, a $1,000 Henri's gown, a Dillards shopping spree, a luggage set and many other generous gifts. The competition consisted of 10 percent community service, 20 percent fun fashion, 30 percent personal interview and 40 percent evening gown.
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