Family Time
May, 2023 - Issue #220
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Goodbye, Tech
Hello, Summer Camp at Gilchrist Farm

Kids staring at their tablets or phones more than you'd like? Begging for more video game time? Not spending quality hours outdoors?
We have the solution for that - and your children will love it! Gilchrist Farm Summer Farm Camp is an exciting, wholesome, joy-filled experience that lets kids be kids while they connect with nature, animals and each other. They'll learn to ride horses or enhance their current skills; learn traditional crafts; play old-fashioned games; milk goats; shear sheep; gather eggs; run with piglets; play in the mud; get to know new friends and much more.
Shade, misters and lots of water play will keep everyone cool while making summer memories that will build confidence, develop social skills and encourage a love for the outdoors. Camps are available for children ages 2 to 16. Log on for more information and to register.
Gilchrist Farm

"We heard of Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts through friends. After speaking with Mike, we decided to enroll our 9-year-old son, Lucas, and it has been one of the best decisions we have made for his acting career. Before joining SCSOPA, Lucas had been in other acting schools and nothing compared to the genuine, welcoming environment that we found at SCSOPA. The staff, led by 'Uncle Mike' as we all call him, is incredibly kind and knowledgeable about the industry. They have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to helping their students reach their full potential. What attracted us the most about SCSOPA was the variety of classes offered, from acting and singing to dance and theater. Lucas is always eager to learn something new every week and is growing into a better actor with each class he attends. The weekly live auditions with top talent agencies provide a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their skills and potentially secure representation. We are thrilled with the progress Lucas has made in just a short amount of time and are so grateful to have found this new family in SCSOPA. Lucas is now represented by one of the top talent agencies in the nation. Thank you, Uncle Mike and staff, for making us feel at home and for providing such a positive and transformative experience for our son."
Villarosa Family
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For Mother's Day, Take Mom to the Dentist
"I know a mom who chipped a tooth tearing a tag out of her newborn's onsie. That kid's now 2 - and her tooth is still chipped," laments Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS. "We have to do better for our moms when it comes to helping them prioritize their dental care."
"Morning sickness eroded her enamel. Hormonal changes left her gums more prone to gingivitis and cavities. And making time to get to the dentist can feel like a superhuman feat for the average mom right now," sympathizes Becky Short, office manager for Dr. Tong's Valencia practice. "I'm a mom, too. I get it. We're worn out, stressed out and overwhelmed - and unless our mouth has us doubled over in pain, we're often putting our dental care on the back burner."
But that's where things can get dicey, explains Dr. Tong, who's served the SCV community for over three decades. "Preventative dental care saves time, pain and money in the long run. When we see our mamas twice a year for cleanings and checkups, we're able to catch little issues before they become big problems."
"This Mother's Day, I hope moms get more than flowers and cards - I want them to get the time they need to take care of their health. We have Saturday appointments to make it easier," says Short.
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284

Mom Sweats for Free on Mother's Day at The Sweat Shack
When Mom joins a paying guest, she'll get tucked into a cozy sauna on Mother's Day - for free! See The Sweat Shack in Saugus and Newhall for details.
The Sweat Shack 678-0880
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Reading this could Save a Life
Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 5 in California and the second leading cause for children under the age of 14. Follow the Safer 3, created by the Stop Drowning Now Foundation, to help reduce these heartbreaking statistics.
Safer Water
Put upper locks on doors leading to pools or other bodies of water in your yard, be sure to lock pet doors and put fences around pools, covers on spas and pool alarms that sound when the surface water has been broken.
Safer Kids
Educate children to never go in or around water without an adult supervisor and how to call 9-1-1. Teach your children how to swim, especially how to float on their backs with their clothes on.
Safer Response
Learn CPR, so that if you ever do have to rescue your child from the bottom of the pool, crucial minutes are not lost while waiting for emergency responders.
For more information about swimming lessons, including a water safety program, contact Academy Swim Club. 702-8585
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Don't Sleep on Baby's Oral Health
There's a common misconception that your baby's oral health isn't a serious concern until they start teething. Developing healthy dental hygiene habits helps protect your baby's teeth throughout their lives, so getting started early is essential. As children develop from birth to age 4, they'll undergo a series of stages in their dental development. Knowing how to care for their developing teeth during this period can help get them on the path to dental health that lasts. Not sure where to start? Connect with a family dental practice that can guide you through every stage of life.
Skyline Smiles 244-4036

Experience a Life-changing Photo Exhibit
Mel Carll, Inside SCV Magazine's resident photographer, is an artist, cancer survivor and nationally-recognized award winner. His collection, "Life Changing Adventurers," is a reflection of his seven life-changing years of cancer treatments. "Cancer changed my perspective on life and love and opened my mind to see what is truly important. Every day, I live by the mantra, 'The ground is beneath me, not above me, so enjoy life!'" View the collection at The Main though April 30.

It's your Duty to Bag Dog Doody - Pick Up After your Pet
Did you know that dog waste left on the ground contains harmful bacteria that can wash into the city's storm drains and the Santa Clara River, creating health and environmental hazards for our community?
When at home, at a dog park or out walking your dog, please remember to clean up after your pet. Bring a bag to pick up waste, tie it up and dispose of it in a trash can. Pet waste bags are available at several city parks and paseo trails. By taking a few simple steps, you can help keep Santa Clarita beautiful and keep our water clean.
It is also important to clean up pet waste at home, too! Do not wash pet waste down with a hose and into a storm drain. Pet waste does not go into the recycling or green waste carts - only the trash cart!
Remember, it's your duty to bag dog doody and prevent water "poo-lution!"
Visit for more tips on preventing water pollution, as well as ways to conserve water.
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