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June, 2023 - Issue #221
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Help your Kids Explore their World this Summer with Fun Science Camps
Founded on the principle that parents want to provide their children with exciting, challenging and life-impacting academic enrichment experiences, Club SciKidz has served more than 50,000 children since 1997.
Club SciKidz Los Angeles is your destination for extraordinary summer science camps and school programs for kids ages 4 to 15 in Santa Clarita. Carefully researched science lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties and experimentation. Each unit is rigorously researched by science educators with the help of teachers and children. The results are lessons that students enjoy and genuinely learn from.
This summer, choose from three convenient SCV locations and sign your child up for camps like Pokemon Professors, Emergency Vet, Little Chemist, Beginning Minecraft, Marvel Movie Maker, Junior Robot Engineer, Special Effects Zombie, Master Roblox Coder, Junior Scientist, Little Engineer, Little Maker, Little Space Explorer and more.
Club SciKidz

"My son Aaron is 13 years old and has never had any acting or theater experience prior to SCSOPA. The main catalyst for going down this road was because Aaron has had some difficulty when articulating or expressing himself. Academically, he was a straight-A student, but socially, there was work to do. I read that acting can help children develop a strong work ethic and social skills as well as help build confidence. I was wondering how acting could fit into our schedule/lives since we live in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but SCSOPA was able to accommodate us. He started acting classes with SCSOPA via Zoom and is with other kids his age that are also pursuing acting, which promotes a sense of community and accountability. His acting teacher is very knowledgeable and gives such helpful insight. SCSOPA knows the world of acting and loves bringing in new talent! Mike was very encouraging and was confident in Aaron from the start. Aaron began with SCSOPA in February of this year and he got an offer for a role in a sitcom in March! We will shoot the trailer for the sitcom in Dallas in June. Aaron is beyond excited and none of us can believe it's actually happening. Thank you SCSOPA for all of your dedication and guidance!"
AARON'S Family
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How to Choose a Swim Instructor
Who teaches your child to swim is often as important as where they take lessons. For many kids, it's their first experience with a teacher. Of course, you want someone with lots of training, who is Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR certified, but you also want someone who connects with your child to encourage and motivate them. How do you find this super instructor? Here are a few things to consider.
Your Child's Personality
You know your kid - what's he like? Is she goofy? Are they active? The answers to these questions should influence your choice of instructor. A loud, boisterous teacher can overwhelm a shy child; a mellow instructor will fail to engage an energetic kid.
The Instructor's Style
Most instructors alter their approach based on the needs of their student, but you'll receive the best lesson if you and your child are comfortable with your instructor's basic style. Does he follow a set routine or mix it up? Does she push hard for progress or take a more laid back approach? There are good points to every type; you need to determine what works best for your family.
Your Expectations
Some parents come into lessons with the goal that their child learns to swim as rapidly as possible. Others don't care how long it takes as long as their child never sheds a tear. Be sure to talk to your instructor about your goals for the lesson.
If, after a few lessons, you find your child's instructor is not a good fit, ask to switch to a different instructor. Knowing how to swim not only offers years of fun activity, but could literally save your child's life. It's worth it to take the time to find the right fit.
Academy Swim Club 702-8585
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The Gilchrist Farm Summer Camp Experience
Want to know what Gilchrist Farm campers have to look forward to this summer? Here's your sneak peek at a typical day.
From 8am to 10am, campers will explore horse care, grooming, safety, games and do lots of riding. Then they'll transition to archery, learning to shoot arrows or advance their skills. By the end of the week, campers will combine the two and learn to shoot arrows from horseback. Mounted archery is always a favorite!
From 10am to 12pm, campers will have snacks, milk goats, gather eggs and care for animals. They'll hold chicks, brush pigs and learn about life on the farm. Campers will work with wool from the sheep and spin it into yarn.
From noon to 2pm, campers will have lunch, garden, play games and do arts and crafts. They'll do waterplay, obstacle courses and more while munching on snow cones.

Chill Out with the Fam at MB2 Entertainment this Summer
MB2 Entertainment is the ultimate summer destination for fun seekers of all ages. Spanning over seven acres, this locally-owned entertainment center offers an impressive lineup of nine thrilling attractions. There's never a dull moment!
From high-speed go-karts to virtual reality and axe throwing, MB2 has it all. What's more, they offer playcard bonuses that give you more value for your money, allowing you to enjoy even more fun activities. Plus, if you're looking to save some cash, MB2 offers fantastic weekday specials that are too good to resist.
But what really sets MB2 Entertainment apart from other summer destinations is the quality of their attractions. The go-karts are fast and exhilarating while the arcade is one of the best in the region. Whether you're a kid or an adult, you'll find something to love at MB2.
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