Family Time
March, 2024 - Issue #228
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courtesy of shutterstock (right)

That's Good News!
Valencia Author Releases Second Book on Amazon to Help Kids Feel Special

Shamiran Bricker, Santa Clarita resident and author, has followed the release of "Ben the Bicycle" with "Harry the Hat," both available on Amazon. Harry is just a Hat - but he is special and important, too! Says Bricker: "My stories are all about helping kids feel special even if they are not the fastest or tallest or the best athlete in the world. They are still important and special. A lot of kids struggle with self-esteem because of the unbelievable pressure there is. My hope is that my books make a kid smile and feel special."

Spring Cleaning for your Mouth
Based on all the ads, articles and interviews this time of year, you'd think that spring cleaning is a national holiday in America. And while we're thrilled that you have a plan to tackle the clutter in your utility closet, we'd be equally excited to hear that you scheduled your dental spring cleaning, too.
"Let this be the year that you're proactive about your dental health," encourages SCV-favorite
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS. "That means not waiting until the end of the year to squeeze in your twice-yearly checkups and cleanings and ticking off those dental procedures that you've been putting off so that your oral care doesn't deteriorate."
"We get how busy life is," says Becky Short, office manager at Dr. Tong's Valencia practice. "That's why we work hard to get you an appointment that coordinates with your family's schedule. We often see the whole crew at once so that parents - especially moms - have an opportunity to take care of everyone's oral health, including their own."
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284

"My daughter, Lorena Silva, was recommended to attend Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts. After talking to Mike, the owner of SCSOPA, we were inspired to join the team that encourages students to achieve their goals. My daughter has enjoyed the Zoom classes offered from home, so we decided to travel from Dallas, Texas and visit the school in-person for live classes in Santa Clarita. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with open arms by the staff and were very impressed with the school. During the week, my daughter took acting classes as well as voiceover, modeling, commercial/scene study and improv. She also had her photoshoot while at the school.
We appreciate the teachers' knowledge in their subjects and professionalism. My daughter wants to continue learning because she had a wonderful time at SCSOPA.
We are very thankful for all the attention and dedication from Mike and the staff and highly recommend this school to get the techniques and tools needed for success."
Quelanda "Q" Silva
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