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April, 2024 - Issue #229
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ARTree's Open Art Studio is Free First Saturday of the Month
Next Event is Saturday, April 6

Caregivers and kids can create together - there are so many projects to try! Advanced registration is required; the free creation time runs from 10am to 1pm. Log on for more information and to register.

"Even as a baby, Crystal was the center of attention. She would automatically strike a pose when someone got out their phone and took her picture. As she was growing up, we enrolled her in various classes to hone her skills. Most of the time, she would let us know that she did not want to proceed with her classes... until SCSOPA. Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts has a wide variety of classes ranging from modeling and acting to voiceovers and everything in between. If it has to do with performing arts, SCSOPA has it! The teachers are educated and experienced. She has so much fun in her classes and learns so much from them. Parents: You truly get what you pay for! Let this be an open invitation for aspiring actors/models as well as families. You can develop your talents with what Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts has to offer!"
Hilomen Family
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COC's Star Party & Science Showcase Hosts
"Humanity's First Flight on Another Planet"

On Friday, April 12, from 6:30pm to 10pm at College of the Canyons' Canyon Country campus, hear guest speaker
Dr. J. "Bob" Balaram, inventor and chief engineer (retired) of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter as he speaks about, "The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter - Humanity's First Flight on Another Planet." The event will also include faculty and student presentations, tours of the Takeda Science Center, hands-on demonstrations and activities and high-powered telescopes for viewing. There will be food available for purchase, too.
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When it Comes to Protecting your Child's Oral Health, Here's How to Make a Real Difference
Toothbrushes can feel funny in a child's mouth. Toothpastes and flosses can taste yucky. And no one - kid or not - likes it when another person says, "Open up! I'm going to clean your teeth!" when you're in the middle of your favorite activity or trying to rush out the door.
Parents often have an uphill battle when it comes to keeping their child's oral health intact. "It creates a lot of shame for many parents, most often moms," says Valencia's Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS. "It's not just the kids that can develop an aversion to the practice of brushing and flossing their teeth. Caregivers are already overwhelmed and adding a dysregulated child who doesn't want to brush to the mix can feel like too much."
"We work hard to let parents - especially moms, who are usually the ones booking dental-care appointments - know that there's no judgment here," says Dr. Tong's longtime office manager Becky Short. "Your child having cavities or some decay doesn't mean you're a bad parent. In fact, you're a great parent for getting them into the dentist and taking care of it! I work at a dental office and my kids have had cavities! It happens."
So - how can overwhelmed caregivers make a long term, meaningful difference in their child's oral health - even when kids resist brushing and flossing?
More influential than anything, says Dr. Tong, is parent behavior. "You can buy all the Barbie or Transformer toothpastes and brushes in the world, but if caregivers aren't modeling healthy oral hygiene habits, it'll be a tough sell to small kids. "We encourage our parents to make brushing and flossing fun alongside their kids. Put on a silly tooth brushing song and scrub together. If your child is nervous, give yourself ample time to take it slow and reassure. They'll get there!" says the beloved Valencia dentist.
"As a parent, I know how stressful morning and bedtime routines can be," explains Office Manager Becky Short. "But when we make brushing and flossing a tense, hurried experience, our kids are going to pick up on that. Set the alarm for a few minutes earlier and start night time practices a little sooner so that no one feels upset or stressed out during teeth time. Before you know it, they'll be doing a great job brushing and flossing on their own."
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284

There's still Time to Order
Bunny Bundts from Nothing Bundt Cakes are "Ear"isistable

Your friends and family will be "hoppy" to see you when you walk in with this adorable cake! Decorated with plush bunny ears, velvet feet and a cute little carrot, this cake is perfect for any Spring celebration. Decorated Bundt Cakes are gift-wrapped in cellophane for a unique, beautiful presentation.
Nothing Bundt Cakes Valencia 291-2424

Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Handmade Soaps
In the world of skincare, handmade soaps are emerging as a simple-yet-powerful choice. Beyond just delightful scents and textures, these soaps offer numerous advantages over mass-produced alternatives. Imagine a bar of soap that not only cleanses but also acts as a sanctuary for your skin.
Handmade soaps are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives like sulfates, parabens and synthetic dyes. Instead, they offer a blend of natural ingredients - essential oils, shea butter and plant extracts.
What makes handmade soaps special is their dedication to your skin's wellbeing. No more concerns about absorbing harmful substances like phthalates, parabens, sulfates or triclosan. It's a conscious choice, safeguarding your skin from potential allergens and supporting its natural balance.
Handmade soaps are a celebration of the power of natural oils. Coconut, olive and palm oils take center stage, offering benefits like improved skin texture, reduced inflammation and enhanced elasticity. When it comes to palm oil, we prioritize ethical RSPO sourcing, promoting sustainability.
Explore body goods beyond soap and you'll find indulgence in handmade body butters, scrubs and bath bombs. They promise a sensory journey enriched with vitamins, minerals and the wholesome goodness of nature - no harmful dyes, just pure pampering.
In a world dominated by mass production, the quality of small-batch craftsmanship persists. Embrace the uniqueness of handmade soaps and let them symbolize conscious choices and skin-loving goodness. Make the switch to handmade soaps - where every wash is a step towards a more enriching, sustainable, and gratifying experience for your skin and beyond.

The Best Baby Shower Gift isn't for the Baby
Think back to the last time you attended a baby shower. There was probably a big pile of gifts, right?
Do you remember how many of those were for Mom?
You know... Mom! The person who, just days or weeks away from that party, would be pushing for their lives; the woman who would shortly be struggling with engorgement and adult diapers; the parent who - for the foreseeable future - would have a wound the size of a dinner plate where the placenta once was...
That gal usually doesn't get a single gift for herself at her shower. And not that she doesn't appreciate every onesie, every pack of diapers, every bath toy. She does!
But culturally, what do we say to new moms when we "shower" her with items for the infant - then show up a few weeks later and practically ignore her tired eyes and uncomfortable waddle as we coo over the new cutie?
Being a new mom is hard - even under the best of circumstances. And when you add common birth issues like tearing and stitches, being a new mom can be painful, too.
That's why, when it comes to the best baby shower gifts, our vote goes towards presents with a purpose - products that can pamper, heal and calm Mom during one of the most uncomfortable and vulnerable stages of her life.
The byDr.Poucher luxury line of intimate self care products was formulated in Santa Clarita by renowned labiaplasty surgeon Dr. Courtenay Poucher, who was tired of seeing her patients struggling so much to recover intimately after birth.
From the cool and calming mist that instantly stops "stitch itch," to the Everywhere Balm that heals torn, abraded intimate skin and the gentle foam wash that will make Mom feel "human" after her too-rare post-baby showers, each product is all natural, pH balanced and deserving of the five-star ratings its earned on shopping sites like Amazon.
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