Family Time
June, 2024 - Issue #231
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Summer is your Dental "Catch Up" Opportunity
Didn't want to take the kids out of school for that cleaning or cavity? Don't worry - you still get an "A" as a parent. Prioritizing your child's education is important. But now that school is out, "catching up" is "in" - and your favorite local dental professionals want you to know that they're ready to get you back to your summer of fun - fast.
"We're very proud of our practice's low in-office wait times," says Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS. "We're conscientious about scheduling our patients with great respect to their time."
"Since so many of our patients are parents with children, summer gives us an opportunity to get the whole family in over the course of just one or two weekday appointments, though our office is booking quickly for summer visits," says Becky Short, Dr. Tong's longtime office manager. "I wouldn't hesitate to call sooner than later to make sure we can get you in before school registration is here."
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284

"If you want to get an agent for your child and connect them to the proper training so they can better book acting roles, then look no further! Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts is a well-established school that gives kids the skills and connections they need to flourish in their acting career. We were instantly impressed. They have agents at the school every Saturday who meet directly with the kids! Our daughter, Georgina, immediately connected with all the teachers and started becoming more confident. She also made some new friends with her fellow actresses and actors. It has been less than three months and we already have an agent; got two big commercial bookings; a voiceover for animation; and a role as a supporting actress in a movie. Even her dad was able to book a voiceover with Georgina! We couldn't have done any of this without SCSOPA! If you're on the fence or looking for a way to support your child's acting dreams, take the leap of faith we did and enroll in SCSOPA today."
The Ang Family

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The "Single Married Mother" Phenomenon & How it's Driving Divorce
The "mom who does it all" is tired of that trope - and she's filing for divorce with increased frequency.
What has become a trending hashtag began with women sharing their experiences on social media. And while every divorce has its own story, the most common narrative for "single married moms" is the one where she does the lionshare of cooking, cleaning, child rearing, holiday planning, sick-kid care and more - while also contributing meaningfully to the family's finances.
A "single married mom" is a woman who feels like she doesn't have a partner in their spouse - but another child... and the dynamic has led to resentment, hurt and disappointment. Put simply, "single married moms" who file for divorce have decided that since they're "doing it all anyway," life without the constant frustration in their marriage is a better alternative than the status quo.
If you're married to someone who considers themselves a "SMM," or are one, and you'd like to change the dynamics of your marriage, books like "Fair Play" have helped thousands of couples better distribute the domestic, mental and emotional load that comes with parenting.
Call to schedule a consultation with Certified Family Law Specialist Denise Lite. 877-317-8080
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