Father's Day Fun the Whole Family will Enjoy
No Need to Fight Traffic - It's All in the SCV
June, 2005 - Issue #8
Sunday Brunch is soooo Mother's Day. Chances are pretty good that the dad in your life would much rather hang out poolside... This Father's Day, why don't you make a few plans for the guy that kills the spiders and is a certified instructor for "Bike Riding 101?"

Let him be a Kid

Pack a Frisbee, a few water guns, a football and your best "just go with it" attitude, then stuff all the kids (including him) in the car and head to the park for a day of silliness. Make sure you have plenty of off-limits snacks like yummy full-fat potato chips - one day a year won't kill anyone. Besides, it's hard to embrace one's inner child while munching on Snackwells and sipping Diet Coke.

His Kind of Restaurant

Does Dad talk about his life-changing trip to Germany/Ireland/Cuba like it was yesterday? Maybe time and money (or an embargo) prevent you from sending him back to visit, but that doesn't mean that you can't rekindle the memories. Get ready to listen to stories of trials and valor at any of these family-friendly authentic restaurants.

La Rumba - 297-6260

LB Mulligan's - 255-3356

German Place Deli - 255-9790

Start Putting

Let Dad work on his short game with the rest of the family in tow. Miniature golf doesn't have to be full of scary-looking clowns; visit The Greens and enjoy a more refined putting experience.

The Greens - 222-2900

Explore History

Is Dad a fan of reciting dates of long-forgotten wars? Clue him in on local history by checking out Mentryville, a "ghost-town" that once was a thriving oil community 130 years ago. If he's more into Westerns, Hart Park (named after cowboy William S. Hart) may be a better choice - be sure to check out the mansion!

Mentryville Park - 259-2701
Hart Park - 259-0855

Check Out a Matinee

Whether his movie genre of choice is action or physical comedy, it's also going to be your favorite kind of flick (at least for today). Taking the entire family to the movies can be pricy, so choose a film that shows before 6 p.m. and splurge on popcorn (We can't condone you sneaking in your own licorice, but what we don't see can't hurt us...).

Go for a Strike

Ah, bowling. What once was one of only two date options for SCV teens (see above "matinee" for other choice) has become cool again. Call ahead and reserve a lane for your crew; while you may at first get a few complaints from the older ones, they'll soon be having a great time.

Santa Clarita Lanes - 254-0540
Valencia Lanes - 222-9080

Forget PacMan

Was Dad hooked to Atari? Introduce him to the next generation of arcade games or, even better, have him give Dance Dance Revolution a try so that you can (ha ha) check out his awesome moves.
Mountasia Family Fun Center - 253-4386

Take a Hike
Strap some boots on the kids and embrace the mountain man within him. Head up to Placerita Canyon and check out the nature center, Oak of the Golden Dream and local flora and fauna.

Placerita Canyon Nature Center - 259-7721

Hit a Home Run

Batting cages will let Dad show off his Mickey Mantle side, and he'll enjoy teaching Junior a few pointers, too.

Line Drive Baseball Academy - 255-3059
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