Father's Day Well Done
June, 2009 - Issue #56
Dads are the gifts that keep on giving, and when you surprise them with a new grill, you're likely to be the one who'll really reap the (delicious) rewards.

Side Dish
Serve up any of these tasty, grill-worthy gifts to really make a flavorful impression.

Meat of the Month Whether you go the Omaha Steak route or select a small-farm organic purveyor, triple-trimmed filets, top-quality burgers and gourmet franks can be delivered to his door at a schedule of your choosing.

In Season Great cuts of meat are only half the equation. Gather a grouping of fine marinades, salts and rubs that will earn him major foodie accolades.

Ready to Burn Flavored wood chunks and chips that help infuse an authentic, smoky flavor to grilled meats and veggies are a fiery addition to a gifted grill.

Grilling Gold
32-inch Odeon Grill
Futuristic and meticulous in design, the Odeon will give Dad a superior cooking surface at a price you crave. Awesome heat control and restaurant-style searing combine on a generous 32-inch grill with four Crossray lateral-mounted infrared burners (Translation: He'll love it.) Available at Barbeques Galore (284-6880).

Barbecue and Brew
The only thing tastier than a burger right off the grill is a burger right off the grill and some seriously good brew. Score major points by giving Dad a growler full of his favorite beer. We suggest the Yellowstone Wolf Pale Ale. This big, full-flavored pale ale has major citrus hop flavor that will surely please. Plus, the award-winning beverage is brewed locally at Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co. (263-9653). Serve it up in fun, thematic steins from Rooms to Roam (259-7890).
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