Green with Envy
July, 2020 - Issue #190

When "keeping up with the Jones" means coveting plug-in cars, salt-water pools and reclaimed-wood furniture, you know that #green is the on-trend tag that's here to stay.

Get Super Soil

Instaworthy Moment: Pics of your prized tomatoes.

So many SCVians began growing gardens this spring. Whether yours is the victory, container, box or organic variety, one thing's for sure - you'll grow for the gold with the right soil. Keep food waste out of the trash can where it contributes to global warming and get it into the garden through simple composting methods. We love the tidy tumblers - food waste goes in, high-quality fertilizer comes out. They're low maintenance and easy for kids to master. Compost tumblers are available online or at quality nurseries like Green Thumb.

Be Clutter Free
Instaworthy Moment: Minimalist backgrounds for stellar selfies.

Was your online ordering during Safer at Home a little... excessive? If you have a pile of cardboard shipping boxes, put them to great use by stuffing them full of items you no longer need. Donations like clothing, shoes and household items go in and, once placed on your door after you order free online pickup, they're out and on their way to organizations that need them. The Give Back Box program is easy to navigate, offering free shipping for donors. Learn more online.

No Car for Me
Instaworthy Moment: #BikeHairDontCare.

To reduce vehicle emissions - a practice that improves air quality and relieves traffic congestion - the City of Santa Clarita is encouraging residents to walk, bike or ride public transit whenever possible. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also saves money, reduces stress and improves physical health - so leave that car at home and choose a new way to get to work, run errands or go to dinner. For other ideas to go green, log on.
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