Halloween in the SCV
October, 2014 - Issue #120
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Spook-tacular Fun!
The Rotary Club of Santa Paula Presents Hallock House of Horrors
Don't miss this opportunity to take a pretty country drive and get your scream on! On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the two weekends before Halloween (October 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26), enjoy the view on your way to the historic small town of Santa Paula, only 35 minutes from Valencia via highway 126. The family-friendly fun runs from 5pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and from 5pm to 10pm on Sundays. Admission is $10 for all ages - and worth every goulish penny (Especially since funds raised go to support schools, youth programs and more!). "Like" Inside SCV Magazine on Facebook for a chance to win tickets! Get the gruesome details online at

Halloween on Route 66 at Real Life Church
On Saturday, October 25 from 3pm to 8pm, you and the crew can enjoy trunk-or-treat, attractions, food, and much, much more at Real Life Church. Please check the website for information on free required off-site parking at Westfield Valencia Town Center, as well as the complimentary shuttle service.

Kid-friendly Haunted House and Buffet at TPC Valencia
On Thursday, October 30, treat the fam to a fun night of spooktacular entertainment at The Oaks Grille at TPC Valencia. This annual Halloween celebration runs from 6pm to 9:30pm and includes a specially-themed buffet created by Chef Otto and his team of un-dead sous chefs; a costume contest; exciting play area with cute crafts and TPC's famous kid-friendly haunted house. Adults are $30; kids 6 to 12 are $15 and children 5 and under are only $5. Contact Restaurant Manager Beau Carter for reservations. 288-1995 extension 104

Devious Decor
A little bit spooky and a lot a bit cute, this banner and holiday decor captures the whimsy of the Halloween in a very memorable way. Plan on pulling out these pieces every year!
Available at Ma Maison. 799-7983

Snow Village Halloween display pieces by Department 56 include two new favorites, For Doom the Bell Tolls and The Haunted Church, which were introduced in 2014. Shop now - these pieces are available in limited quality and are highly collectible! Available at Green Thumb. 259-1072

This Year's most Popular Costumes
For Boys...
For boys, it's a toss-up between flashback superheroes of their parents' childhoods. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Power Rangers, Super Mario Bros. and even Captain America are all top choices for 2014. Military and Minecraft will be prevalent, too. The sleeper favorite, though, will be characters from the hit movie "Guardians of the Galaxy."

For Men...
Younger guys and dads are going to relive their youth, sporting the same costume they did when they were 8: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Expect to see a lot of heroes in the half shell this Halloween! On the opposite end of the wholesome spectrum are zombies and "Breaking Bad"-inspired jumpsuits.

For Girls...
Snow queens will rule Halloween 2014! Expect no shortage of wee little Elsas and Annas taking over your street, perhaps with petite Olafs in tow. Older girls will be clamoring for Maleficent costumes, while babies will take the cutest costume route of all: adorable owls.

For Women...
With all the talk about the "new" Wonder Woman's crime-fighting costume, it's no surprise that ladies are choosing to don their own Justice Team duds this year. Think classic Linda Carter "Wonder Woman," in all her red corseted glory. "Game of Thrones" Daenerys is also a top pick. Teens and pre-teens are obsessed with their favorite pop stars - Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande - and will be doing their best to model their costumes after these celebs.

Find these favorites, and hundreds of others, at
A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes in Valencia. 253-0300

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Limiting your Kid's Candy Crush
About 4 percent of all the candy eaten in America will be gobbled down on just one day: Halloween. (That sound you hear is the communal sigh of dentists, doctors and nutritionists from sea to shining sea.). Here's how to limit the sweet stuff without the kids organizing a revolt.

1. Feed them an ultra-healthy meal before they take to the streets, swapping water for juice or soda. That way they'll be full and less likely to have room for copious amounts of candy in transit.

2. Set a limit. When kids get home, let them dump out their stash and swap with siblings and friends. Then let them know that they can select a certain amount to keep and enjoy over the coming days. The rest gets donated or taken to work and stashed in the community candy jar.

3. Pack a nutritious punch (Not the kind you drink.). Older kids will want to bring candy with them in their lunch for school. It's fine to acquiesce, but sub the candy in for other sweets - don't double up. Sugary drinks, granola bar treats and the like should stay home.

4. Do the math with the older kids. Did you know that approximately four grams of sugar is the equivalent of a teaspoon of the sweet stuff? Sit down with your child and read the nutritional info on their favorite candy bar, then do the math. You'll both be shocked to find out how many teaspoons of sugar (Have a teaspoon of sweet stuff around for visual learners!) are in that tiny treat. Once your child understands just how much sugar is really in that bar, they'll be more willing to limit their consumption - and that's a healthy habit that will carry through their lifetimes.
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