Introducing Jaden Michaels
15-Year-Old SCV Pop Star Working with Famed Songwriter Alex Cantrell
November, 2005 - Issue #13
"Spunky" is how you'd describe the petite brunette soon-to-be star Jaden Michaels. And unpretentious, all 5'3" of her. In fact, the home schooled teen is remarkably polite and eager to please - everything you wouldn't expect from a girl on the cusp of fulfilling a big dream.

The 15-year-old songstress, recently named KHTS's SCV Pop Star, is leading a still-unnamed girl group organized by Alex Cantrell of the well-respected Soul Shock and Carlin production company.

Cantrell has penned numerous Billboard chart toppers, including JoJo's recent single and "Truth Is" for Fantasia of "American Idol" fame. After spotting Jaden at the recent local competition, he quickly enrolled her into the Hollywood Pop Academy, where she works with vocal and dance coaches, as well as a personal trainer.

Jaden's jump into the music industry wasn't as harried as it may seem. After wooing customers at SCV pizza joints on karaoke nights beginning at the age of 8, she started working with Radio Disney, touring with stars like Orlando Brown, and opening for talent like Nina Sky.

After graduating from Canyon Springs Elementary School, Jaden's mom Julie began home schooling the then-tween in order to better accommodate her busy solo career. Jaden, who's known for her soulful R&B Pop style (even though she loves singing Country), also recently began writing her own lyrics.

Shortly after being named the lead of her girl group, Jaden sat down with me for a little Q & A...

TE: What do your songs focus on?

JM: When I was younger, I was teased in school, so I write about jealousy and issues like that. My mom's a single mom, so the situations we've been through as I've grown up, like not having much money, also influence me. I don't write about love, though, because it's not something I've experienced yet.

TE: How are you different than all the other Britneys, Christinas, and other pop princesses?

JM: I'm not trying to be the sex pot, the fake girl. I'm real. My look isn't fake. This is who I am and this is how I want to be. This is how I really dress, wear my hair...

TE: Do you ever get the feeling that you'll be pressured into changing your persona?

JM: There's pressure, and I've encountered that my weight has been a big concern with some labels. But I can relate to other girls out there, and they can relate to me. I take the criticism, but I'm healthy and I eat healthy... I'm not eating fast food. Because of the response, I'm exercising more, but I don't want to be super-thin. It's not me. I'm 5'3" and 120 pounds. That's healthy.

TE: Rejection can be rough for kids to take, and there's a lot of that in this business. How do you deal?

JM: I'm very determined. Things are inconsistent, and you have to know that. I was featured on "America's Most Talented Kids" on NBC, but I didn't do as well in the Santa Clarita's Most Talented Performer competition. There have been disappointments and roads that didn't lead to where we thought they were taking us, but now I'm doing interviews for teen magazines like "Bop" and "M." It feels very good.

TE: Who is your biggest fan?

JM: My grandma Dot and Grandma B. I love them!


Learn more about Jaden Michaels by logging on to You can also hear her original music on KHTS AM 1220.
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