Kid's Review
No More Blankies! And the End of Other Bad Habits
May, 2005 - Issue #7
Helmers Elementary School

We all have bad habits. Maybe yours is biting your nails, cracking your knuckles, or even picking your nose (yuck!). Eventually, we all try to break these "not so nice" habits. My sister is trying to quit sucking on her "blankie."

As you know, most people set a goal to quit their habit at a certain age. Chandler is too old to have a blankie (she is 9), but that is not the reason why she has to stop. It is her teeth. Sometimes, kids who have sucked on something when they were little have problems with their teeth. However, I doubt their teeth are as bad as my sister's. The root of one of her bottom teeth is visible through her gums!

Giving up her blankie has become a big deal in our house. Chandler insisted on a reward if she could survive without it for a week. My dad agreed to make her a pair of stilts for her efforts (I am not sure she is really going to get them, but it looks good!). Anyway, to decrease her urge to suck on her blankie, which stays under her pillow for the time being, she has a fruit-flavored Lifesaver before she goes to sleep.

Because this is such a big deal to her, Chandler decided to decorate her "lifesaver" jar. She tied a ribbon around it and thought up some clever names. In the end, she wanted a French word for blanket and sent me on a mission to find that word. I am not quite sure that the word I found meant blanket or was even French, but she was satisfied. As for the jar, it changes names weekly.

Overall, it is not an easy thing to do, quitting our bad habits. However, it is possible, even though the first few days are tough. My sister is doing great and will succeed if she keeps it up. I hope you, like Chandler, can find the courage to someday break your bad habits and spend your time doing productive activities (which do not include looking for a clean blankie!).
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