Kid's Review
Sisley Italian Kitchen
April, 2006 - Issue #18
Looking for a good place to eat? Try Sisley Italian Kitchen, an Italian restaurant located in the Valencia Town Center. You might want to get a little dressed up, because Sisley has a fancy atmosphere. It is the best place to go for a special occasion. I am a picky eater, so if I like it, everyone will.

Shortly after you are seated, you are automatically served Sisley's delicious breadsticks; they will be freshly baked, so don't get burned! To enhance the flavor, I like to pour some olive oil on a bread plate for dipping. It's the perfect appetizer.

Another great thing about Sisley is the atmosphere. It features low lighting, but it's kid-friendly, too! They even have coloring packets so little ones can entertain themselves. Younger children never have to worry about being bored or not finding anything to eat. The food is incredibly delicious! As I said before, I am a selective eater and not afraid to admit it. I often think of myself as a bread-atarian. However, not only is the menu at this elegant restaurant quite tasty, but the entrees are also very filling so you certainly get a satisfying meal for the price. I can rarely finish my whole plate of Penne Marinara.

The menu at Sisley is quite extensive; however, if my family is any indication, it is the type of restaurant where people order their favorite meal again and again. My sister loves Sisley's Chicken Chopped Salad and my grandma says she could live off their Salmon Special (apparently it is so good that they recently added it to the official menu). You have to try it for yourself to understand what I mean.

Sisley is easy to find, right next to the entrance to the food court at the mall. Because there is limited parking right out front, most people choose to use the nearby parking structure, which is within easy walking distance. Sisley is also convenient if you need to do some shopping. After walking through the mall, I always work up an appetite, don't you? Therefore, next time you are looking for a wonderful place to eat that will please the whole family, chose Sisley Italian Kitchen. I am sure it will become your favorite restaurant, too!


Sisley makes Jolie so happy that she does not even fight with her sister during dinner.
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