Kid's Review
Freshworks California Grill
July, 2006 - Issue #21
After a long afternoon of soccer, I always work up an enormous appetite. My favorite place to go after a game is Freshworks California Grill. The awesome food and casual atmosphere makes it a great place for a relaxed meal.

One huge reason to go to Freshworks is for the amazing service. All the employees are friendly and courteous. You don't have to worry about bad attitudes like you might at some fast food places. Here is how your Freshworks dining experience would go: you order at the front counter and receive a number along with a smile.Then you find a table and relax, gazing at the various artwork displayed on the walls (there seem to be new pieces of art every time you visit). Following a short wait, your food is brought to you, freshly made and served by a polite waiter/waitress. To clean up, throw everything away except the plates; they go on top of the trashcan. Another employee will do the actual "cleaning" of the table.

Whenever I go to Freshworks, I always order the same thing: a kid's grilled cheese sandwich (the kid's meal comes with french fries, a chocolate chip cookie and lollipop while the adult comes with healthy potato chips) and an Oreo shake (without whipped cream). I could live off this meal and never get sick of it because the food is that good!

Don't worry, there is something on the menu for even the pickiest of eaters. Their meat and poultry are hormone-free so it is a great place for health-conscious eaters and all of the menu choices are delicious. Once again, the "bread-atarian" has found a family-friendly place to eat.

I know there are some of you who have never heard of Freshworks and have no idea where it is located. First, it is in the same shopping center as Trader Joe's, down the street from Kisho on Cinema Drive in Valencia. With a big purple and yellow sign on the building, it is hard to miss. Although finding a parking space can sometimes be difficult, Freshworks doesn't tend to be overcrowded. I know that anyone who tries it will have a positive experience, no matter what.


Most weekends, you can spot Jolie at Freshworks.
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