Kid's Review
"The Princess Bride" will Enchant the Next Generation
November, 2006 - Issue #25
What better thing is there to do on Family Night than watch a movie? I know choosing a movie the entire family will like can be a challenge, but I have recently rediscovered the perfect choice, "The Princess Bride." This 1987 classic is a great movie that everyone will enjoy. No matter what age, girl or boy, you will want to watch it again and again!

"The Princess Bride" is not your ordinary fairytale. Told as a story-within-a-story, the narrative progresses as a grandfather reads the story to his sick grandson. The grandfather often stops reading to offer his own comments about the story. This fairytale is full of adventure, excitement, loads of laughs, and of course, a little romance. No matter what your favorite genre of movie is, there is something in the film for you. The creative story takes you through eel-infested waters, an intimidating fire swamp, a guarded castle and much more. This thrilling film is a must-see for everyone!

The exhilarating story of Buttercup and Westley starts in the country. Buttercup loves ordering the "farm boy" around who always replies to her requests, "As you wish." After recognizing their love for each other, Westley leaves to seek out his fortune in order to be able to afford marriage. During his absence, Buttercup is forced to marry an evil prince who has his own hidden agenda.

A few weeks before the royal wedding, Buttercup is kidnapped in an attempt to provoke a war between two countries, Florin and Guilder. Westley follows the kidnappers. After climbing the Cliffs of Insanity, winning a precarious sword fight, wrestling a giant and fighting a battle of wits trying to avoid a deadly poison, Westley saves Buttercup. When it seems that they have escaped at last, the couple is found and forced to surrender to the evil prince. Buttercup is taken back to the castle and Westley to a torture pit to be killed. Does Westley escape? Does Buttercup fall victim to the plot of the evil prince? To find out, you will need to watch "The Princess Bride." A special edition of this family classic was recently released on DVD.

I promise that you and your family will treasure this film and many happy memories will grow around it. So plop down on the couch and throw in some popcorn to create the ideal Family Night. "The Princess Bride" is a terrific film for a sleepover or any other kind of party. I think it is a classic movie that will be enjoyed by all generations.


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