Kid's Review
Student Valet
January, 2005 - Issue #4
Helmers Elementary

"Student valet? What is that?" you might ask. Have you ever seen those shivering and yawning elementary school children standing on the sidewalk every single morning before school? They are the famous door openers and primary grade personal escorts. They stand outside local elementary schools every morning for YOU. They freeze themselves so YOU can quickly drop off your kids and then skedaddle to do whatever it is you do during those seven long hours of school. These amazing kids spend their social time helping their community. If you have not done so already, you should try the student valet service and see what a great treat it is.

Student valet is a convenient way for you busy parents to drop off your youngsters. It keeps them from being late to class and helps you get where you are going more quickly. Going through the valet line is a simple process - it actually takes less than a minute to complete the whole cycle.

First, you drive into the curbside valet line. When advised by the valet supervisor, you drive up as far as possible into the drop off area. The student valets are happy to show you where to go if you need help. The students who work the line greet you with a welcoming smile as they open your car door. This enables your school-bound adventurers to hop out of the car quickly with their backpacks in hand. Finally, you will be told to "Have a nice day!" and you can reply, "Thanks, you too!" then the door is shut and off you go!

The job of student valet requires special training. Before the valet service can begin each school year, a sheriff deputy trains the student volunteers. The students spend at least an hour practicing how to open and close a car door and perfecting what to say to the vehicle drivers. Then everyone signs up for the days of the week that they want to participate. Each morning, there are about six to eight kids who arrive at 7:30 a.m. to help the child commuters.

The life of a student valet worker is very busy. They get up early, freeze, and miss part of school so you can continue your busy lives. The student valet service helps you drop your children off at school in record time.
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