Kid's Review
February, 2005 - Issue #5
Move Over, Mom - Scrapbooking is Fun for Kids, Too!

by Jolie Stroh, age 11
Helmers Elementary School

Scrapbooking is an excellent way to express yourself and it is an interesting way to help remember, share, and bring back memories. You can show your friends your scrapbook and they will learn more about you. Pages are fun and easy to make and you can use almost any embellishments to make them come to life.

Of course, in order to start your own scrapbook, you need pictures. Do not use just any old photos. Take you camera with you when you are going anywhere the least bit exciting. You can take pictures doing normal activities or at sporting events, or even hanging out with your friends. You could even take some pictures in a scrapbook store. That way, your first layout could be about starting to scrapbook (make sure you include me). Each event can be anywhere from 1 to 100 pages long! There is no limit!

Recently, I took an eight-week after-school scrapbooking class that was a lot of fun. I made several pages that included the following themes: "School Rocks" with school themed paper, a layout about Helmers using pictures from my first day as a sixth grader, and a "Friends" page with a paper and button title that looked just like the show's logo. We also made a pumpkin patch/Halloween layout with some really cute pumpkin die cuts. I designed a fun birthday page using a hot pink and black color scheme. One of my favorite pages included a black and white photo of me with a list of all my favorite things at 11 years old.

Scrapbook pages can be decorated with practically anything. You can put a ticket stub from a movie you have seen or tags from new clothes. Moreover, if you hit a deer you can put a piece of your car next to a picture of the wreckage (I can show you an example page of this unfortunate, but true event). If you get a new haircut, save a lock of your hair to show how much was trimmed off. Like I said, you can use anything!

It truly does not matter if all of your layouts are perfect. Your scrapbook will show your perspective and later you will look back at the past with fond memories. When you are making scrapbook layouts, just remember to be yourself and be creative! (For more information about scrapbooking classes for kids, you can call your favorite craft store.)


Making Memories with Mickey: A Magical Family Reunion in the Caribbean

by Tessa Michael, age 13
Sierra Vista Junior High School

As I sailed through the Caribbean on the Disney cruise ship, Disney Magic, I wrote to my good friend Caitlyn in a series of notes.

Saturday: Today was our first day aboard the Disney Magic. The ship is absolutely amazing, and it completely eclipses every other ship in port. We did spend about two hours waiting in various lines, but when we were finally aboard, it was all worth it. I share a room with my two cousins, Kayla and Joy, who I hardly know because they live across the country.

Sunday: I had no idea Disney had its own private island! Castaway Cay (pronounced Key) has everything, from a family beach, where the littlest of my cousins played, to the teen beach, where Kayla, Joy and I hung out. There's even a secluded adult beach, but my parents haven't visited there yet. The most incredible thing we did there was go snorkeling. It was unbelievable! Fish of every kind and color were swimming around the reef.

Monday: There's a totally separate part of the ship called The Stack that is only for teens ages 13 to 17. It's really cool, with lava lamp-like tables and really nice counselors. I made some new friends right away. The music they play is trendy and they have a back room for people to play PlayStation 2.

Tuesday: I spent the day today on Grand Cayman Island. It's very tourist-friendly and I went souvenir shopping. They have everything. I actually snorkeled with real sting rays! They practically fly through the water, and when they brush up against you, their skin is incredibly smooth. Plus, I got to touch and feed them, too!

Wednesday: Another "Land Day." I was in Cozumel, Mexico, another fascinating place. My family went to "swim" with the dolphins, but it turned out to not be swimming at all! We just stood on a platform and pet the dolphin. It was really disappointing, especially when we saw the people across the lagoon riding on the dolphins! In the end, however, we got a professional custom video of us interacting with the dolphin.

Thursday: We're at sea today. Whoa, is the ship rocking! It takes a while to get your "sea legs." I spent the whole day hanging out with my new friends and my cousins. Every night we switch between three different restaurants: Lumiere's, Animator's Palate, and Parrot Cay (pronounced Key!). During the whole cruise we've had the same two waiters. They are hilarious, and know what we want before we even order! The food is fanciful and tastes incredible.

Friday: It's our last day here, and I'm definitely going to miss this ship! The three pools, the breakfast buffet, especially the room service and remarkable plays! I'm also certainly going to miss my new friends from The Stack. The staff here is magnificent and genuinely friendly, so I'm going to miss them, too. On the other hand, I'll be glad to get back to everyone at home, and I need to get back to all the schoolwork I missed. It's been an unbelievable trip, and I'll see you soon!
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