Meet the US Vet who's Demystifying Life Insurance
Lorrie Robinson Explains the Fine Print
December, 2020 - Issue #195
How does a US Army veteran end up owning an insurance brokerage firm?
It's not as big of a leap as you might think.
"I joined the service because I wanted to protect my community and make a difference - and that's exactly the same reason that, after a 20-year career as an educator, I chose to continue to serve as a broker," says Lorrie Robinson, a Santa Clarita native.
Robinson, who also earned a master's degree in education administration, understands how the process of choosing life insurance or a medicare plan can overwhelm even those who do their research.
"My childhood friend's parent passed - and they had to turn to GoFundMe to pay for funeral expenses. Turns out, their parent was STILL PAYING MONTHLY PREMIUMS on an expired policy. The benefactors got nothing and knowing their loved one was taken advantage of so horribly only added to their grief. I work hard every day to protect my clients from similar fates through EDUCATION AND COMPASSION."
Lorrie Robinson of Insurance Unlimited
"Generally, it feels like sales pitch after sales pitch - and it's hard to make a decision, because you aren't able to compare apples to apples. Plus, there's so much confusing fine print! People become paralyzed and end up putting off something very important because the options overwhelm them," explains the former college professor.
That's why more and more people are turning to insurance brokers like Robinson to help them choose plans that make sense for their goals and budget.
"It's so easy to hop online and get insurance today," she says. "But the result tends to be one size fits all. With a brokerage, you're able to connect to a real human being who has your best interest in mind and who can listen and apply all those little details of your life that often generate a different result than what an algorithm 'says' is the best insurance plan for you."
There are different plans out there you might not even know exist - but that fit your comfort levels and goals. For example, there are plans that allow policy holders with terminal illnesses to draw their money out before they pass so that they can settle their affairs - and enjoy every last moment without financial worry. "I've seen policyholders take a huge vacation with their kids and grandkids with that money, stress free, knowing all their bills are paid," says Robinson.
Not many people want to talk about death - but with forethought, these types of insurance plans are about life. "Insurance policies can serve as savings accounts, investment opportunities and protection for your loved ones, should the worst happen," explains Robinson. "I spent years mastering the differences."
So, why call Robinson instead of shopping with a single branded firm?
Because variety is the spice of life - at least when it comes to life insurance.
"As a broker, I have literally hundreds of plans from which to choose and access to the very best prices from the most respected global, insured carriers," says the expert. "I don't work for any one company - I work for you."
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