Mint Condition Painting & Moulding to Donate 10 Percent of Painting Jobs to Henry Mayo NICU Fund
April, 2010 - Issue #66
At birth, Cole weighed 2 pounds; Luke weighed 2.5.
At birth, Cole weighed 2 pounds; Luke weighed 2.5.
Cole and Luke Green's story is full of statistics, but one number is most important because it set the rest of the tale into action: 28. That's how many weeks pregnant their mom, Jaime Green, was when her water unexpectedly broke. Nearly two and a half months away from her due date, Jaime gave birth at Henry Mayo via emergency c-section to her 2-pound and 2.5 pound sons, who were whisked off in an ambulance minutes after their arrival.

"I hardly touched them before they took them," remembers Jaime. "I had done everything I was supposed to do during my pregnancy. I was in denial. I was in such a rush to recover from the surgery and get to the hospital they were transferred to in Northridge."

In her words, Jaime "fell apart" when she walked into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the first time. Her babies regularly stopped breathing; their heart beat would occasionally become dangerously slow. Their lungs were not fully developed. Cole's stomach was not attached to his intestines and he had a hole in his heart.

They spent their first 11 weeks of life in a NICU dozens of miles away from their
They spent their first 11 weeks of life in a NICU dozens of miles away from their
The health problems the babies faced were a nightmare; so was the traffic that Jaime and her husband Jon fought - twice a day - to visit the boys. "I cried every time I left. I was worried that there'd be an earthquake and we'd have no way to get down there," she shares.

"You don't realize how many babies, even full-term babies, need a NICU. I'm so glad that Henry Mayo is getting one. The stress and worry about your babies is enough; you shouldn't worry about getting on the freeway to be with them," says Jaime.

Which is why her husband Jon, owner of Mint Condition Painting & Moulding, is donating 10 percent of each painting job booked April 1 through May 31 to Henry Mayo's NICU fund. You don't need to do anything except schedule the work to be performed before June 15, 2010; 10 percent of the cash value of the work completed will automatically be donated to the hospital. Call today to improve your home - and improve a baby's chance at life; 251-5521

Henry Mayo Hospital Plans for the Tiniest Patients
As our community continues to grow and demand for maternity services increases at Henry Mayo Hospital, so does the need to ensure newborn critical care close to home. Physicians and staff are enthusiastic about Henry Mayo's upcoming addition of a 4,369-square-foot, 12-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Jon, Jaime, Luke and Cole Green (photo by Mel Carll)
Jon, Jaime, Luke and Cole Green (photo by Mel Carll)
Slated to open in late 2011, the project to build and equip the Level II NICU will upgrade Henry Mayo's maternity services to a comprehensive continuum of care for all mothers and babies who need extra care.

"With a NICU, parents can have peace of mind that we can provide the care our tiniest patients need to thrive," says Sally McGann, RN, MSN, director of women's services. "Babies will be able to stay close to home and family. From special lighting to noise level controls, we've taken every aspect of care into careful consideration for babies' sensitivities."

A NICU at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital solidifies Santa Clarita as a destination of choice for young families. It strengthens our entire community by keeping mothers, fathers and their newborns together at a most critical time.

With philanthropic giving, Henry Mayo can bring the most updated, technologically efficient services and equipment to provide exceptional life-saving care to newborns needing immediate intervention.

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation continues to gratefully accept all gifts, large or small, for our tiniest patients; 200-1200
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