Santa Clarita's Favorite Last-minute Gift Guide
January, 2019 - Issue #172

Look at you, saving the best for last. Gift cards? No way. You're packing a personalized punch, fueling the presumption that these great gifts have been stashed for months. And they have - just not by you. SCV's locally-owned shops have been planning for your holiday-giving mad dash forever - and judging from this selection, it was worth it. So go, happy givers! And remember - when you shop local, your gift-giving good karma doesn't stop at what's under the tree. Every local purchase is an investment in your community. Thanks for shopping Santa Clarita!

luxury bags
Dominie is a real person - with really, really good taste. Meet her in the eponymous store for a customized shopping experience. Select from clear couture totes, high-end leather goods or beauties like the Evelyn collection, finished with platinum accents and rare jewels.
Dominie Luxury 855-2-LUXURY

limited-edition gift sets
The limited-edition Prometheus Fuente Forbidden Heaven & Earth Gift Set, coupled with a 20th-anniversary Magma-T/F2 lighter and cutter, is a smokin' good gift.
Genuine Cigars 259-3555

the 2019 Acura TLX
Sporty. Alluring. Technologically-advanced. The 2019 Acura TLX performance sedan boasts premium features and intuitive technology to place it among the most advanced and well-equipped midsize luxury cars in its segment. Hurry in for Acura's Season of Performance sales event ending January 2, 2019.
Valencia Acura 255-3000

Votivo Red Currant everything
Called "the most delicious-smelling fragrance ever made" by nearly every user on the internet, this blend of tart currants, golden fruit and vanilla bean is available in candles, personal care items and more, allowing for the layering of the luxe scent. Refined is where you'll find the widest selection.
Refined Vintage Boutique 505-7175

pretty storage
If pretty things are the objects of their affections, these boxes with gold, glittery interiors will make them sparkle.
MIX by RJI 678-0034

Mincing Mockingbird modern vintage journals
Featuring creamy off-white paper, gold-foil stamped lettering and sass to spare, these beauties can inspire the Next Great Idea - or just a really helpful to-do list.
Barn and Charm 255-5466

cozy cuteness
Lovely layers will keep them comfortable through winter and beyond, but the real gift here is your shopping experience. Lets Hang can come to you, setting up their portable store in your driveway, or shop on their turf. Either way, you'll find fabulous clothes for less than you're used to spending.
Lets Hang Boutique 263-5775

handmade decor
Make it for them, make it with them or send them on their own DIY adventure at AR Workshop, where helpful staff and quality crafting elements combine to result in truly-beautiful pieces they'll be proud to display in their home.
AR Workshop 288-1903

harlequin canisters & new skills
Aldik's selections of home decor and crafting elements are as storied as they are vast, but the real treat is their regular offering of free DIY classes. Hop onto their website or call for details to connect your favorite people to their new favorite hobby.
Aldik Home 818-988-5970

heirloom garden accessories
The simple act of turning on the hose becomes a chance at a treasured memory when you gift quality pieces that will stand the test of time.
Green Thumb International 259-1071

custom shadowboxes
There may be no greater gift than personal history, preserved. Protect theirs in special acid-free custom framing that will be passed down to the next generation.
FASTFRAME 291-1325

Veli lip glosses
One swipe of these quality lip kisses and they'll know that the richly-pigmented color and high-shine moisture is there to stay.
Blo-Out Lounge 255-2569

Jack Black sets
From Grab & Go TSA-approved essentials to designer beard kits and more, this high-end line will keep them well groomed and organized.
J. Davids Custom Clothiers 287-3636

California-crafted hair treats
Garrett Markenson's line of environmentally friendly, strand-nurturing products are sold in places like Sephora, but we think you should get your ultra-luxe lock-loving products at the salon that started it all.
Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900
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