So Ghoul!
October, 2018 - Issue #169

Keep your Hand Out of the Candy Jar with Gourmet Treat-covered Apple Slices
Lower carbs, less refined sugar, no gluten and lots less guilt - that's what's going to save us from our annual Snickers coma this Halloween. This fast sweet-tooth fix requires little prep; grab some semi-sweet chocolate chips and/or caramels, apples, toppings of your choice and a microwave-safe bowl or double bowler.

The general concept is painfully simple: slice, dip, cover, cool, eat. But here are some pro tips. First, add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil per one cup of chocolate chips to give it that smooth, won't-immediately-harden texture. Next, think outside the Granny Smith box. Sure, they're tart and crisp, but Fujis can be just as tasty, plus they're extra juicy. As for proportions: You'll need about a cup of chocolate chips or wrapped caramels to dip a large apple's worth of slices.

Now to the fun part: toppings. Sprinkles, mini marshmallows, peanuts and crushed cookies will all work in a pickle, but expand your dipping repertoire with options like coarse sea salt, bacon crumbles, macadamia nut pieces, rice cereal, graham cracker "dust," coconut flakes and chopped candied jalapenos.

Avoid Scary Pinterest Fails with a DIY Workshop Experience
Swap "Um... yeah, I made this," with, "Hey, you! I MADE THIS!" enthusiasm at the newly-opened AR Workshop in Saugus. The decked-out location is filled with every tool, adhesive, paint, stencil and program you need to make truly Pinterest-worthy decor and gifts. The mom-daughter owners are always nearby, ready to teach or assist, though after a few workshop sessions, you'll be a "no training wheels required" expert. Choose from one of their hundreds of customizable designs or ask them to help you create your own.
AR Workshop 288-1903
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