London Equestrian
puts Quality Over Quantity
May, 2015 - Issue #127

A girl's gotta ride a lot of horses, or - in this case - board enough of them to know what she wants in a facility.

"We grew up wanting to be around horses and were riding by the time we were 5. We've had our own horses since we were 14. It's IN OUR BLOOD and we're excited to begin this next step on our journey."
Summer (London) Richardson of London Equestrian Center
That's how sisters Bree London and Summer (London) Richardson determined what they wanted in their new boarding center in Castaic. "We knew we didn't want to change our clothes in the back of our truck anymore!," jokes Summer, who explains that she and her sister cultivated a "want" list before bringing their dream to fruition near Hasley Canyon. "We wanted to create a very clean, nice place for both horses and people. We're proud of the result. London Equestrian Center has a very positive energy; it's very luxurious compared to what else is out there locally while still maintaining a casual, welcoming vibe," says Bree.

The lifelong SCV residents - Bree went to West Ranch and Summer to Valencia High - now offer their barn and boarding facility to locals looking for something a little different. "We really want to focus on quality over quantity," says Summer, who's also a professional horse masseuse. "Whether your horse will be with us for a few days or year-round, we want our clients to have confidence that their animal will be provided with exceptional care."

That's not hard to do in this well-appointed environment. London Equestrian Center boasts a relaxing treatment room where your horse can be bathed with warm water; receive vet care; be shoed; and recover with the help of an equestrian massage.

The main barn has comfortable in and out paddocks; fully indoor stalls; air conditioning; rubber mats; an ice machine; mounted televisions; tack rooms with private lockers and so much more. "We even play music for the horses," says Summer.

The outside stalls offer a partially-covered paddock with padding; automatic watering; and DG footing. "There's never a muddy mess," explains Bree. Residence housing is also offered on the pasture section of the facility.

The star of London Equestrian Center, though, is the West Wing Arena. Aptly named, this presidential-quality space is beautifully lighted and has a PA system, surround sound, a viewing area with seating, separate staging area, DG footing and a ground that's just like Santa Anita Raceway. "The horses love it!," says Bree.
Also on the expansive property is the East Wing Arena that can be customized for jumping and also boasts a viewing section. The facility also has turn out areas; two round pens; a Eurociser; outdoor tie-up area; drop-off trailer storage and much, much more.

"It's one of those places that you have to see to believe," says Summer, who, along with her sister Bree, also provides horseback riding lessons and guidance for natural horsemanship on the property.
Call for your complimentary tour of London Equestrian Center. 510-7290
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