2021 Kitchen Trends are COOKING
March, 2021 - Issue #197

Trend: Book that Remodel
Kitchen remodels are so 2021! Treat your home - and yourself - to a fresh kitchen space this year. Adding color is a top trend - and adding a pop of color on your island is the perfect balancing element to an all white kitchen. Infuse the room with texture by using white-oak floating shelves to really liven up the space.
Rebecca Rollins Interiors 367-4394

Trend: Play with Paint
Unexpected color in a kitchen? Serve it up! From cabinets to accent walls, islands to ceilings, your kitchen provides a plethora of places to add a distinct, bold injection of color. How to pick? Chromatic pros say that paying attention to trends can help - but in the end, choosing a color that makes you feel good is the best bet.
Magic Maintenance, Inc. 259-3373

Trend: Reclaim the Table
In 2020, too many of us converted our eating spaces to makeshift offices and classrooms. Retire your over-worked table and reclaim connecting over a good meal by investing in new dining furniture. Right now, the entire showroom is 50 percent off at A Royal Suite Home Furnishings.
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