Great Outdoors
June, 2024 - Issue #231
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

This is your Year

Do you find yourself saying, "We really need to do something with the backyard" every year?
If that hits close to home, let this be your sign to extend your livable square footage and
dive into building an outdoor space that gets you excited to go outside.

From "Just a Dream" to Magical Backyard Reality
Pretty paver patio? Cozy custom deck? Ambient outdoor lighting? Dramatic fireplace moment? Now's the time to get your quote - and then get going. What's planned today can be enjoyed this summer - if you act quickly! Magic Maintenance, Inc. is your "do it all" five-star company that can make all those dreamy details in your head a reality.
Magic Maintenance, Inc. 259-3373

Score Luxury for Less at the Oasis Garden & Patio Sale
Oasis's Blowout Sale runs Friday, May 17 to Sunday, June 2 - and you don't want to miss it. Oasis Garden & Patio guarantees the lowest prices on premium outdoor furniture and accessories - plus offers free local assembly and delivery. Over 40 sets are in stock and ready to be delivered - so settle in and find your perfect match.
Oasis Garden & Patio 255-9909

Made in the Shade
Whether you're relaxing under a patio umbrella or your favorite tree this summer, you'll be
incentivized to do more of both with a yard that begs you to settle in and stay awhile.

Relax with Beauty, Form & Function from Summer Classics
Summer Classics masters the mood with livable luxury that's more than a look, but a way of life. Create a setting where your most memorable moments naturally unfold. True luxury combines quality and ease - and you can have both with durable, gorgeous outdoor furniture that strikes a perfect balance between form and function.

Pretty Details make for a Big Backyard Impact
From fountain features to the prettiest plants, Green Thumb Nursery in Old Town Newhall sells all the "little details" that make for a big backyard impression.
Green Thumb Nursery 259-1071

Summer Tree Care Essentials Tips from SCV Water
As the sun stretches its rays longer and temperatures soar, our trees face the challenge of summer
head-on. With their foliage swaying in the warm breeze, trees provide shade, habitat and beauty, but they also require extra attention during the hot months to thrive. SCV Water offers essential tips to help your trees thrive during the hottest months.
Deep watering in the early morning or evening is essential to keep trees hydrated and resilient to drought.
Apply two to four inches of organic mulch around the base of trees to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature and suppress weeds.
Light pruning to remove dead or diseased branches improves air circulation and structure.
Pest Control
Watch for signs of pests or diseases and consult an arborist if necessary.
Sun Protection
Shield young or thin-barked trees from sunburn with wraps or diluted white latex paint.
Use slow-release organic fertilizer sparingly in late spring.
Water Stress
Monitor trees for signs of water stress and adjust watering to prevent wilting or browning.
By following these tips, you can help your trees survive and thrive throughout the summer.
For more water-saving tips, log on.
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