What We Love
Best of 2019
February, 2020 - Issue #185

Classic Carved Details
Nothing says, "love" like something made special just for you - and that's why we're swooning over this kitchen's exquisite hand carved elements. In 2020, we're not shying away from color, either - this joyous blue just begs for you to notice all the fine detail.

Monochrome Marbles
Starting and ending the day surrounded by natural, gleaming surfaces is peak luxury. Rich veining and high shine are illuminated under a crystal chandelier, making this master bath a glowing grandstand of self care, complete with heated floor.

Bold Patterns and Inlays
Talk about precision! Did you notice how the rectangle in the stair is repeated in the chandelier? We did - and we're loving this attention to detail, which also shows itself in the inlay backsplash that's a perfect fit for the Roaring '20s.

Rooms that Foster Connection
These spaces seem to say, "Sit and stay awhile," and who are we to resist? This media room's creature comforts embody casual luxury, with refined fabrics and cozy profiles.
Designed by Stephanie Laney of Clear Images & The Tile Shed. 818-216-5040

French Country Aesthetics
A dusty-blue rustic coverlet in the country French guest room, complete with faux beams and barn door handcrafted and installed by Rhonda Knights creates a sensation of welcome and comfort.
Designed by Rhonda Knights of AR Workshop. 288-1903

Beautiful Blues
From slate to country, robin to sky, blues made a comeback in 2019, including this breezy blue buffet.

Let there be White
There's nothing more classic than this crisp hue. The addition of metallics makes it modern.

Treasured Trunks
A classic nod to nautical aesthetics, trunks serve a triple purpose: storage, display space and distinctive style.
Designed by Rebecca Rollins Interiors. 367-4394

Glam Boho Feminine Revival
"Glam Boho Feminine Revival" might not actually be a "thing," but who cares? Spaces like this practically demand we bend the rules, calling our creativity to the forefront. No "match," just "mix," these bright beauties are adorned with beloved possessions and bold colors that prove femininity is no wallflower.

Perfect Pops of Pink
You don't have to color with a broad brush to convey your adoration for perky pinks. In fact, whether it's a flirty turquoise or bright spray of a grassy green, this bedroom is anything but sleepy thanks to a few well-selected shades, showing you don't have to go "all out" with color to make an impact.

Seamless Outdoor/Indoor Living
Santa Clarita's weather makes it easy - and designs like this make it reality. This indoor/outdoor space fusion carries refined elements and lovely lines from the inside, out, cultivating a smooth transition residents and guests can enjoy year-round.

Entertaining Outside
There's no rule that the dining room is the default celebration location in your house. With an extended all-weather soapstone table, deep-set lounge cushions made of sun-loving fabric and even a swing, this yard is always a coveted party spot.
Designed by SCV Landscaping. 360-6923

Earth-friendly Design
No grass? That means less water and fertilizer - plus, in this case, plenty of style. The permeable river stone makes for more than stellar design; the break in the concrete allows for rainwater to percolate beneath the surface, preventing standing water and replenishing groundwater supplies.

Water that Goes with the Flow
Soothing, balancing and beautiful - 2019 had its pristine share of water features that wow'd. These glimmering pools of perfection create a sense of sanctuary - and who couldn't use more of that?

A Place to Call her Own
What woman wouldn't want her very own she-shed - especially one appointed so personally? This backyard discovery is on all our lists for 2020 because everyone deserves their own escape just a few steps from home.
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