Busy Bodies
September, 2016 - Issue #143
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School's in - and free time's out. Here's how to prioritize your health and wellness without dropping the ball on your cornucopia of obligations.

How do I manage self care
when I can hardly find time to shower?

Do you have three minutes? Make like Mandy Moore, LeBron James, Minka Kelly, Daniel Craig, Alicia Keys, The New York Knicks and Jessica Alba and spend it on a cryotherapy session. In your two-to-three minute cryotherapy treatment, the temperature drops to below -240 degrees, resulting in the constriction of your skin, muscle and surface tissue. This forces the blood towards your core and away from your peripheral tissues, resulting in the removal of toxins and other inflammatory properties of the blood. The newly-filtered blood will return to the peripheral tissues after the treatment, enriching and warming the muscles and skin. The newly-filtered body is left in an improved condition, boasting increased range of motion and energy and a decrease in inflammation and pain. The treatment also releases endorphins which will make you feel uplifted and energetic.

The results are as varied as the reasons people use cryotherapy. Athletes forgo bacteria-sharing, time-consuming ice baths and choose cryotherapy as a means of recovering and healing faster. Plastic surgeons recommend cryotherapy for healing surgical incisions and reducing associated pain. Those with arthritis swear by its ability to remarkably reduce inflammation and discomfort while increasing flexibility. Dieters appreciate the noticeable boost to their metabolism and head into a session any time they plateau. Women and men seeking antiaging effects book sessions to increase their body's production of collagen. Medical pros support these findings and it only takes three minutes of your time to discover them for yourself. Your first session is only $35!
CryoZone Recovery Center 904-4412

How do I juggle my busy schedule, stay on track with my health and not feel overwhelmed all at the same time?
The busier we get, the easier it is to fall out of our fitness routine - but that's actually when we need that routine the most. Exercise is proven to release endorphins and endorphins keep us happy! Daily exercise has been known to reduce stress and keep energy levels up - so you can actually accomplish more.
Bella Barre's low-impact, high-intensity format will keep your endorphins flowing and your mind clear. They offer over 25 classes seven days a week, making it easy to choose options that fit your schedule. Each class incorporates total body conditioning so you will never have to worry about missing "leg day" even if you do need to change your schedule.

Research has shown that when you schedule your workouts you are more likely to stick with them. Guess what? There's an app for that! With the Bella Barre app, it's easy to book online, schedule your workouts, track your progress and enjoy the benefits!
Bella Barre 299-7767

If I have free time, I'd rather read a book or nap. Please don't make me exercise during my down time! Is there a way to burn calories and tone my body without hitting the gym?
Yup! ForeverSlim SCV uses an exclusive custom software program that specializes in area-specific body sculpting through the use of skin-contact electrodes - and you can read or rest during your hour-long treatment. The electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to specific targeted areas to sculpt and reshape your entire bod. These pulse waves produce rhythmic, powerful muscle contractions that result in rapid fat reduction. Many busy people opt for a weekly session as an alternative to near-daily trips to the gym.
ForeverSlim is a doctor-recommended, FDA-approved therapy with no side effects. You can eliminate those flabby arms and create six-pack abs without dedication to the gym every single day. You'll tone and tighten loose skin, rid yourself of cellulite and drop a pant size in as few as eight treatments. Call for new client specials.
ForeverSlim SCV 313-4878

I love self care! If I had the time, I'd get a massage, go to the gym, make myself detox tea and mediate every day. Any way to fit the benefits of all of those into my jam-packed schedule?
If you're a fan of that list, you're going to fall in love with
far-infrared sauna treatments. In only 30 minutes in one of the cedar-lined deluxe saunas at Organic Sweat Shack, you'll burn about 600 calories without the gym; unravel even the deepest knots without a masseuse; sweat out toxins like heavy metals and phalates without the use of tummy-troubling teas; and drift into bliss while tranquil sounds lull you into a mental state of ultimate relaxation. Sweat for half price (Only $15!) Monday through Friday from 8am to 10am and sweat with a friend all day Thursday and from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday through August (Two people sweat in the same sauna for only $30.).
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Grand Opening Celebration of Henry Mayo Fitness & Health
Activities Galore on Saturday, September 10

The Santa Clarita Valley community is invited to partake in the festivities at the Grand Opening Celebration of Henry Mayo Fitness and Health on Saturday, September 10, from 10am to 4pm at 24525 Town Center Drive in Valencia. Enjoy lively musical entertainment, food samplings, giveaways, dance demonstrations, tours of the new Henry Mayo Fitness and Health facility and more.

"Our fitness specialists will guide personalized tours of our extensive cardio deck, cutting-edge strength machines and a free-weight area that includes a specialized circuit, indoor cycling studio and covered outdoor pool with lap swimming and water classes," said Sharlene Duzick, director of member services.

Food enthusiasts can visit food stations to sample tasty twists on healthy, organic and sustainable dishes from destinations such as Salt Creek Grille, Tournament Players Club, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's own Nutrition Department and Plate Therapy. Sweet Beams vintage 1967 Chevy P-10 van will serve free ice cream treats to the first 300 people there.

Waller's GymJam Academy, owned and directed by 1992 Olympian Chris Waller and his wife Cindy Waller, will have a number of their gymnastic athletes offering demonstrations in the gymnasium. Also at the gym, visitors can stop by for Zumba and dance demonstrations throughout the day.

Giveaways from beach balls to water bottles will be given out to visitors while supplies last. Visitors can sign up that day to take advantage of our special grand opening membership rates. Henry Mayo Fitness and Health is a state-of-the art fitness center providing a variety of exercise amenities such as strength and weight training, cardio equipment, pool, sauna and group exercise studios. On the clinical side, the center will offer Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's full range of physical therapy services.
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