Fit Bits
October, 2016 - Issue #144
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock
It's Time to Play in the Yard
The weather's cooling down and the Yard is heating up at The Paseo Club, where every workout increases fat utilization, assists in weight loss, improves coordination and helps with balance. Personalized, professional instruction is the hallmark of each of these classes:

Cross-Fusion Cross-Fusion is a diverse assortment of functional strength exercises and metabolic conditioning performed at scalable intensities that enhances athletic development, building strength, increasing power, speed and aerobic capacity.

Met-Con Met-Con is a metabolic strength and conditioning program design where the essential dominant movement patterns are addressed to create injury prevention and "pre-hab," along with strength, stability, mobility and power to improve the body's kinetic chain and neuropathways.

Bells & Burn The best way to strengthen your whole body while creating excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, aka "the burn" is Bells & Burn! This fun, dynamic, high-energy class has music to move you. Bells & Burn is a whole-body functional workout with an emphasis on joint mobility/stability and core development in a metabolic training format.

The workouts for each class are scaled to the individual for maximum safety and effectiveness.
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Exceptional-quality Fitness Equipment at Below-retail Prices
You've probably seen the signs, Facebook posts and the sales, all of which have people wondering: "What is Direct Source Fitness anyway?"

In a word, it's "awesome." But, beyond that, Direct Source Fitness is an open-to-the-public two-story manufacturer showroom that is chock full of exceptional-quality fitness equipment, all available to you at a below-retail price. From cardio to home gyms and everything in between, each piece of equipment is made to light-commercial-grade quality standards, ensuring that the product you take home (Or use at your gym or with your personal-training clients!) will function fabulously for years.

Walk into the showroom across from Valencia High School and you'll meet professionals with decades of experience in the industry, all ready to show you the distinct advantages of each product. Choices abound, with multiple options in each category. Select from treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, bikes, DuraBalls, wall balls, kettlebells, soft-sided plyo boxes, free weights, home gyms, bars, benches, accessories, ropes, stands and so much more, including the star of the show: the GX-6.

This incredibly-affordable functional speed training home gym allows your body to build muscle and burn calories while keeping your core guessing. Without range-of-motion restrictions, the GX-6 will get you going on boxing moves, golf-swing-improving exercises and so much more, all in a compact footprint. You really need to see it in action, which is why we're grateful that there's a brilliant three-minute YouTube video featuring this new technology. Just search "GX-6 functional speed trainer" and it will pop right up. Want to know the price? It's too low to print, but they'll tell you over the phone.

Direct Source Fitness is open Monday through Wednesday by appointment, Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.
Direct Source Fitness 702-1361

Bella Barre Celebrates
Second Anniversary with Free Classes

Want to tone, tighten and lift every inch of your body? There's never been a better time to try Bella Barre, because between September 24 and September 30, you can take classes for free - plus score giveaways, take advantage of specials and more. You'll see what's new in the redesigned studio with six different class styles to meet the needs of every body. Our faves include the mid-week revive with candlelight flow on Wednesday nights and the newest version of barre classic, which incorporates the fluidity of yoga, flexibility of Pilates and the effectiveness of barre. Call for details. Bella Barre 299-7767
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