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November, 2016 - Issue #145
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Get the "Greatest Results," No Matter your Age
The Paseo Club's Greatest Results six-week comprehensive fitness program, led by trainers Heather, Cezanne and Jean, is not just for the young or middle-aged population. The program, with clients ranging in ages from 16 to 70 years old, has helped many in the aging population with bone density, muscle tone, posture, balance, core stability, energy and weight control. The benefits of strength training and cardiovascular exercise are monumental for our active aging population and include...

Increase in Energy & Mental Wellbeing
Prevention of Broken Bones & Fractures
Pain Relief, Including Relief from Arthritis Pain
Boosting of Strength, Balance & Agility

Weight training can also build bone mass in the spine and the hip, so it's especially important for people with the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis. By strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your joints, weightlifting can dramatically improve your range of motion. It can also cut down on pain by increasing the capability of muscles surrounding the afflicted joint, which eases stress on the joint itself. The American College of Sports Medicine now recommends weight training for all people over 50, and even people well into their 90s can benefit! Because many can have different physical issues, the Paseo Club has designed a program to adapt to every fitness level, as well as those with physical limitations and injuries.

Treat Muscle Soreness & Pain Effectively at Home
Weightlifting, cardio, CrossFit, group fitness... it seems like there are as many types of fitness methods as there are people - but there's just one way to sweat away the pain and inflammation that results from your time in the gym. Scientifically associated with the improvement of muscular endurance, reduction in recovery time and even boosting life expectancy, far infrared sauna use is a celebrated post-exercise habit that you should consider.

Those with chronic health problems, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis already know about the benefits of far infrared sauna use; so too do those hoping to prevent diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, since the high temperatures prompt your body to release proteins referred to as "heat shock proteins" thought to positively affect the neurological system.

Now it's time for the fit among us to recognize current science. Research published in the Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport discovered that using a sauna after exercise resulted in improved endurance, which was hypothesized to be attributed to the increased blood volume in the body. Those who used a sauna after exercise were able to run up to 23 percent further before exhaustion than those who did not.

There are approximately 3 million saunas in Finland, averaging one a household. In the United States, numbers are much lower - but they are climbing. It's tempting to select a sauna made from plastic tenting or lower-grade woods and glues, but do your research. If the goal is to improve one's health, exposure to petroleum products and chemicals at high heats isn't the best bet.

Organic Sweat Shack in Old Town Newhall not only offers $25 introduction sweats but also sells their top-ranked saunas for home use. Both pre-loved and home-use models are available starting at less than $3,000 and most can be obtained via 25-month interest-free financing. Your family could sweat in the comfort of your own home daily, reducing stress, naturally treating illness, addressing pain and more. Worried about space? There are models that are only a little larger than a card table, corner units and even foot saunas available. 678-0880

Meet your Weight Loss & Health Goals Even during the Busy Holidays
How much would you spend to drop those extra pounds while truly, deeply nourishing your body? What's it worth to you to feel better, look better and take proactive steps to prolong the length of your life while also boosting the quality of those years? It's priceless, really, but lucky for us... it can also be affordable.
Plate Therapy, the Santa Clarita-based fresh/organic meal delivery service that has taken Southern California by storm, is now offering the PT Lite Plan - and you're going to love it! You'll get three meals and two snacks a day for less than you'd spend on one quality meal out. For only $39.99 daily, every cell in your body will rejoice thanks to their locally-sourced, gluten/added sugar/grain free meals that meet your physique's needs and your taste buds' wants. Structured to provide between 1,100 and 1,300 calories a day, weight loss is inevitable - but you won't feel hungry, thanks to the brilliantly-balanced meals and snacks that address your body's every need. Meal plans are delivered two times a week or you can pick up your food for free at their Santa Clarita location. Order yours and learn more online.

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Pro Athletes like it Chilly & so should You
Sports medicine tells us to put our pain and inflammation on ice - and athletes take that advice very seriously. Traditional ice baths after a workout can spread disease, however, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Plus, they take an uncomfortably-long time for effectiveness and still don't get much below 0 degrees. The alternative: cryotherapy, a two-to-three-minute treatment that surrounds the body with temps that drop below about -240 degrees.

Before you declare your loyalty to the frozen stuff, remember that NBA, MLB and NFL pros swear by cryotherapy, even attributing championship wins to the technology that took root in Japan in 1978.

During your cryotherapy session, your skin's surface temps drop to about 30 degrees in less than a minute, causing blood to flood your core to protect your vital organs. There, it picks up oxygen and nutrients. Once you leave the cryotherapy chamber, your brain tells this newly-revitalized blood where to go first. Sites of injury, inflammation and pain get the first round of the best blood in the body's natural attempt at balance. Users leave their session feeling revitalized, loose and with a marked reduction in discomfort. When on the field or court, they find that they have recovered faster and better than without the treatment or with more-traditional methods of recovery.

Cryotherapy is "cold," but it's not "excruciating ice-bath cold," and you're done in three minutes or less. Plus, your head is above the chamber, so if you're worried about it feeling claustrophobic, don't. Ready to try the treatment that is popping up in the best training rooms across the country? Right now, ICE Recovery & Wellness on Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia is offering your "first freeze" for only $20 and including a free NormaTec compression treatment, too. Call to make your appointment. 904-4412

Friday | November 11 & Saturday | November 12
Organic Sweat Shack "Sweatathon"

Join Organic Sweat Shack in Old Town Newhall as they celebrate one year in business with a charity Sweatathon that will conclude with a party you'll never forget! On Friday night, the 24-hour Sweatathon begins, where guests like you will "sweat" for one of six nonprofits. There will be at least one person in the sauna the entire 24 hours and "sweaters" who raise VIP donation amounts will be treated to limo pick up and drop off as well as premier gift bags. At 6pm Saturday, the last of the Sweatathon participants will complete their sweat and the party will start! Enjoy Adam Tunney and his band performing the Great American Songbook, catered appetizers and desserts, a sauna giveaway, raffles and much more. 678-0880

Functional Speed Training Home Gym is Only Player in New Fitness Category
The human body is an amazing machine, but until recently, home gyms did not adequately address the range of motion and natural movement it is capable of, setting us up for injury and less-than-stellar results.
Now there's a better option: the GX6 Functional Speed Training Gym by Direct Source Fitness, a well-respected global fitness equipment manufacturer with headquarters in Valencia. This ultra-affordable, compact machine was inspired by natural movement, is able to respond to the body's fastest motions and was created with the knowledge of how the body best moves and develops. The GX6 (Search "GX6 Functional Speed Trainer" on YouTube to see it in action.) was created with a hybrid weight system with recoil tubes inside to authentically recreate the movements that occur in real life.

This gym of the future addresses not just strength but speed, balance and coordination with a multi-level, multi-quadrant workout that incorporates a full range of motion. The GX6 is the first home gym seat that can float freely a full 360 degrees.
This is surprisingly-affordable equipment is intended to be of the ultimate utility over the course of a lifetime - and it's fun to use! Give it a try at Direct Source Fitness, located across from Valencia High School. They're now open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Visit soon for the best selection on newly-marked-down home gyms and cardio equipment or call for GX6 pricing (Too low to print.). 702-1361

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A Fitness Routine that will Benefit You at Every Age
Every Bella Barre class increases strength and targets areas that may begin to weaken through the years. Their program is specifically designed to improve posture, rid your body of aches and pains and increase bone density. All eight classes are drawn upon the strength and flexibility of yoga; the bone-density building, leg-toning benefits of barre and core power-creating Pilates to give you a well-rounded workout. Remember: Health is a matter of body and mind. That's why they end all of their classes with a relaxation session designed to induce calm so that you leave feeling uplifted, energetic and ready to take on your day. Private sessions are also available. 299-7767

Healing Mind, Body & Soul with Natural Touch
Reflexology is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body. It's one of the multiple services offered at True Healing Massage, where you can enjoy a relaxing body treatment, aesthetics and creative gifts at Mascot on Main Street. Also available: Deep Tissue, Chair Massage, Swedish Massage and more. Take $10 off your first massage with mention of Inside SCV.
Toni Lynn Kirk, massage therapist 713-7166
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