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December, 2016 - Issue #146
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Getting to Know Motivate
Q: Tell us how Motivate can keep us feeling our best during the busiest time of the year?
"There's nothing like a sweat sesh on the megaformer to beat holiday stresses. Classes are delivered on the cutting-edge M3 Megaformer and focus on slow, resistance-based movements designed to stimulate fat-burning muscle fibers, torch calories and sculpt the body from head to toe. The workout will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to conquer whatever challenges the season brings your way."

Q: Tell us more about this "appointment" with fitness that's so popular at Motivate.
"We like to look at our workout schedule as an appointment we make for ourselves, just like a doctor or dentist appointment. Once it's booked, you gotta go! The small group setting of our classes also provides a great support system; we're here with you on your journey to a stronger, healthier you!"

Q: What makes Motivate different?
"As the new kid on the SCV block, our team is thrilled to be introducing the innovative Lagree Fitness Method to the community! We know what a busy time of year this is for everyone. We're delivering an effective and stimulating total body workout in just 45 minutes that will have you seeing results, despite the extra holiday goodies. The Motivate team is offering a grand opening special to try out Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer unlimited for 30 days for just $149. We also offer gift cards to spread the sweaty cheer with your friends and family!"
Motivate 713-8099

Don't Wait for the New Year for a New You
Do not wait until the New Year to start an awesome fitness routine! Set realistic goals for yourself today and keep the dreaded holiday weight at bay. You can do this! Here are just a few ways to get started:

• Incorporate one or two yoga classes into your weekly schedule.
• Choose one "vice" to eliminate.
• Pick one healthy eating habit to add to your diet, like eating a vegetable at every meal.

Once these simple changes become routine, add on! And - visit our new fave yoga studio! Villa Vibes is your holiday season retreat. Need a break from the holiday craziness? Learn breathing techniques to relax the mind and body not only in the studio, but once you step back into the holiday madness. Love Christmas cookies? Their core-focused classes will allow you to indulge while keeping your tummy tight. Feeling holiday hungover? All good! You'll sweat out the toxins and feel refreshed and restored. In fact, you'll love it as much as we do and you'll want to share the experience with... just about everyone. Lucky for us, there's a gift-certificate special going on now. For every $25 gift card you purchase in November and December, you'll get an additional $10 gift card free.
Villa Vibes 388-3500

Why You Need a Deep Tissue Massage
Have a "bad shoulder?" Deeply-held neck and back tension from sitting all day long at work? Maybe you have tightness and pain from a workout, or your weekend warrior ways led to discomfort that has you walking funny. There are a million reasons you might need a deep-tissue massage, which is less rhythmic than what you might be used to - but oh-so effective in releasing pain, tension, inflammation and even toxins. Using slow, deliberate strokes, your massage therapist will pay special attention to your painful, stiff "trouble" spots, engaging your muscles, tendons, fasia and tissues deep under your skin with a focused pressure. Relief is near immediate and the experience can be customized to your comfort level.
Toni Lynn Kirk 713-7166

Meet the Beauties of Bella Barre
Q: How can you help your clients stay or get fit during the holidays?
"We offer a dynamic approach to barre fitness, giving you a well-rounded workout through our variety of classes. We offer a quick, 45-minute total body workout class in the early mornings to get you in and out without sacrificing; get your cardio, strength and flexibility training in before your day starts! Fun events, workshops and encouragement will keep you motivated during the season."

Q: How does Bella Barre change lives?
"Research has shown that physical exercise is the best tension reliever. Nothing eases stress more than exercise. Exercise, when property done, gives your body time to operate in the efficiency mode, and that's what we focus on.

Physically, exercise improves your cardiovascular functions by strengthening and enlarging the heart, causing greater elasticity of the blood vessels, increasing oxygen throughout your body and lowering your blood levels of fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides. All of this, of course, means less chance of developing heart conditions, strokes or high blood pressure.
Mentally, exercise provides an outlet for negative emotions such as frustration, anger and irritability, thereby promoting a more positive mood and outlook - and who doesn't need that during the holidays? Regular exercise reduces the amount of adrenal hormones your body releases in response to stress. Bella Barre's well-rounded program will keep your body functioning properly and will keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed. You'll also experience more deep, restful sleep."

Q: When's the best time to try Bella Barre?
"Our Winter Wellness Series includes total mind and body health to keep you sane this season. Stretching classes, guided stress-reducing meditations and masters/intensive classes will keep your body healthy and your mind clear."
Bella Barre 299-7767

Keep your Muscles Guessing & your Mind Engaged with a Variety of Fitness Options
Keeping fit during the holidays doesn't have to be an impossible task. Rather than fall pray to temptation and weight gain, consider rewarding yourself with amazing classes offered at The Paseo Club. With over 70 group exercise classes on the schedule and every genre to keep you balanced and fit, The Paseo Club will never leave you bored or burned out. Choose from Indoor Cycling, Body Pump, Cardio and Core Express, Total Body, Cardio Strength, Yoga, Barre Class, Pilates Mat, Treadmill classes, Zumba and more.

Attending a variety of classes a week yields great benefits like preventing overuse injuries, breaking through weight-loss plateaus, building new muscles, beating workout boredom, keeping your brain healthy, meeting new workout partners, getting excited about exercise again and staying fit during the holidays.

If cross-fit style is your speed, check out their Yard Classes that take place outside and include metabolic condition, HIIT, kettle bells, rope training and more. They also have a private Pilates reformer room with over 20 classes a week offered on the schedule.

If you overindulge a bit this season, or you're ready to take your fitness to another level, then mark your calendars and join Paseo's six-week Greatest Results Challenge in January!
The Paseo Club 257-0044
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