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February, 2017 - Issue #148
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New Low-Glycemic Menu can Help
You Achieve your 2017 Goals

If 2017 is finally going to be "your year," you'll need to fuel it right. Plate Therapy's organic, low-glycemic paleo meal delivery service has a fit plan for you. Choose the Lite Plan for weight loss, Balance Plan to maintain energy or the Performance Plan for your athletic needs. Every meal is made with input from Plate Therapy's nutritional consultant Nadine Young to insure that you get everything you need for one daily affordable rate. The best part? Your freshly-prepped gourmet meals can be delivered to your door and popped straight into the fridge.

Choose from:
Three meals, two snacks and 1,100 to 1,300 calories a day for $39.99

Three meals, two snacks and 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day for $49.99

Three meals, two snacks, extra protein and 2,000 to 2,300 calories for $59.99

Order yours conveniently online by Wednesday evening for Sunday delivery.

The Heat is On
Infrared Sauna Use is Shown to Boost Growth Hormones Crucial for Repair & Recovery
If you're still actively engaged in your fitness-oriented New Year's resolutions, congratulations! You're building new muscle fibers, burning calories, boosting brain power and so much more. Unfortunately, you might also be sore from all that exercise. The good news is that infrared heat, long used as a powerful tool in pain management, has also been shown to boost production of the growth hormone that is essential in the recovery and repair of your muscles. In fact, recent research has demonstrated that sweating in an infrared sauna can increase production of your natural growth hormone up to five times the average. Really want a quick kick to health and healing? Consider practicing gentle stretching during your sauna session for even quicker recovery. But even if you just lay down, relax and burn approximately 600 calories during your 30-minute sweat sesh, you'll be increasing the blood flow to your skeletal muscles, fueling them with the acids and oxygen they need for repair, all while assisting them in the removal of by-products like lactic acid and calcium ions. The result is a more limber, pain-free, ready-to-get-back-at-it "you" who feels deeply relaxed, energized and focused.
Right now, Organic Sweat Shack is offering a Sweat Shack Detox program to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Call for details. 678-0880

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"Life is Good" at The Paseo Club
Looking for a home away from home where "life is good?" Paseo members enjoy a state-of-the-art tennis facility, an exceptional fitness program that boasts the newest equipment, 70-plus group exercise classes, a private cycling room with online booking and full data tracking, an exclusive Pilates reformer room, an outdoor fitness "Yard" with cross fusion classes, an outdoor 25-yard pool, the best instructors and private trainers in SCV, a beautiful full-service spa, wonderful child care and kids programs, fabulous events year round, an incredible cafe and Loggia with amazing dishes prepared by Executive Chef Lee... and the list goes on! That's why members love the club so much - but there's one more element that can't be quantified. At The Paseo Club, members feel like family and treat each other as such, too. They're invested in the club, the way of life and the staff that is just as invested in them. Top-notch amenities and service are why Paseo members can't stop talking about how much they love the club. Ask one about their experience - or, even better, take a tour and see for yourself!
The Paseo Club 257-0044

Our 3 Favorite Things about Bella Barre
1. Anyone can Do It
Clients love Bella Barre's welcoming community - anyone at any physical level can join! The instructors are well versed to teach body adjustments to maximize every individual's workout safely and independently - regardless of injuries and fitness level. It's family-oriented and sensitive to the needs of women and their overall health.

2. It Feels like a Sanctuary
Bella Barre provides a sanctuary for women beyond that of a workout - it provides a mental pick-me-up that equips you to empower yourself throughout the day.

3. The Results are Awesome
Clients see a dramatic difference in their bodies after just 10 classes! Bella Barre provides personal attention and a warm family feel that keeps you motivated to achieve physical results while nourishing the mind with encouragement that makes your fitness journey a continuous one.
Bella Barre 299-7767

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Results You'll Love
Are you contemplating the first steps in your New Year's Reinvention? If you could change anything about your life, what would you change first? This thought process can cause stress, anxiety, self doubt and a multitude of feelings that can easily spiral into defeat before you even get started. Are you allowing your "old thinking" to run the show? Working with a life coach can once and for all make the difference this year and create real change: New Year's Resolutions that stick! When selecting a life coach, remember that their job is to illuminate what's been holding you back - the obstacles you were not able to see on your own that have a profound effect on both your personal and professional lives.
The spiritual aspect of coaching has helped people find their way to a power greater than themselves. Once clients realize how their mind controls everything about their lives and their business and gain real control over their thoughts and their beliefs, they soon realize they can overcome any obstacle in their lives.
Azer Enterprises draws from nearly 40 years of business experience along with 16 years of coaching over 100 clients. 673-6868
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Home is Where the Health Is
A fitness plan is only as good as the ability to stick to it, which is why so many people fail to fulfill their health and wellness goals. Did you know that:

People with home gym equipment are more likely to workout frequently, when compared to those without?
In Santa Clarita, an average year's worth of gym/fit-club membership enrollment fees and dues
is more than a quality piece of home-gym cardio equipment?

Working out at home makes sense if you're pressed for time, are uncomfortable exercising in (usually competitive) public settings, have an unusual schedule or are just getting back into a fitness routine and need to work out for shorter increments (Who wants to spend more time in the car on the way to the gym than at the gym?). Today's home gym equipment is space savvy; treadmills and rowing machines can be folded up fast and easy for convenient placement against a wall or behind a piece of furniture, for example. There's also an extensive variety of high-quality bands and tubes that can replicate a weight-lifting experience without the bulk.

What do you need to be successful with a home-based workout plan? The answer is different for everyone but one element is consistent: partnering with fitness professionals who specialize in home-gym set up makes it simple and affordable. Right now, all cardio equipment is on sale for 40 percent off retail pricing at Direct Source Fitness. 702-1361

The 3 Things that Motivate Us to Go to Motivate
1. We Love the Intensity
You will love the intensity and consistency every class provides. Clients adore the motivation the small-group classes offer. You'll see long and lean muscles fast thanks to both.

2. The Method is Amazing
The science and technique behind the Lagree Method and the Megaformer is rock solid. This gives Motivate the opportunity to get creative with classes in order to provide maximum intensity and results.

3. The Results are Undeniable
Lagree is known for "the shake." Motivate targets those slow-twitch muscle fibers and when then they are activated you will shake. It means it's working! Because you're changing from the inside, clients learn to love the shake!
Motivate 713-8099
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Weekend Warriors & Fit Fanatics Freeze Pain Away with ICE
A recent study utilized a group of trained runners who were put through a trail-run treadmill exercise that was designed to result in muscle soreness and damage. Half of the runners post-workout entered a whole-body cryotherapy chamber once a day for five days; the others quietly rested for 30 minutes a day for the same five days.

A blood draw of both groups showed that the cryotherapy users had fewer markers for inflammation. Results suggest that those who experience muscle fatigue and damage could speed recovery by two to three days with the assistance of cryotherapy.
That's especially good news for individuals in their 30s and older, because as we age, our body's ability to recover slows down and tendency towards inflammation increases. When not adequately addressed, inflammation can lead to pain and an increased susceptibility to chronic and acute disease.

After a single cryotherapy treatment, where you will be exposed to temperatures hovering around -240 degrees for two to three minutes, you will most likely experience near-instant pain relief as well as an increase in energy and positivity. Studies have shown that your body's metabolic rate is also boosted during your session, with an average burn of 800 calories per treatment.
ICE Recovery & Wellness 904-4412

A Cellulite Solution
Are diet and exercise not improving your cellulite? Try Cellfina, a long-lasting solution to cellulite. This minimally-invasive procedure is clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least two years. Fibrous bands hold fat cells in compartments below the skin's surface, creating cellulite. Cellfina targets the structural cause of cellulite, resulting in a smooth look that gives patients the confidence to wear a bathing suit and a higher hemline. The final result is less dimpling and smoother skin. Discounts are now available; learn more on page 17.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

Get Fit on the Links
Named by Golf Digest among the top 25 golf courses in So Cal, Valencia Country Club's breathtaking par-72, 7,076-yard championship golf course was designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Sr. to blend seamlessly with its pristine natural surroundings. Get your exercise on the links or take advantage of Valencia Country Club's state-of-the-art fitness center with view windows overlooking the greens. Right now, there are incredible financial incentives for memberships available. Learn more during your private tour!
Contact Missy Carter for details. 799-1271
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