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June, 2017 - Issue #153
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Summer Fun & the Bounciest New Class in Town
There's so much going on at Bella Barre now and this summer - get your calendar out and start planning to have more fun with a healthier-body bonus!

Join Bella Barre on Saturday, June 10 for a sizzling summer celebration. Kick off the season with a summertime 75-minute intensive class designed to get you feeling like your best self - set to all your fave summery tunes. Then stay for tiki libations, a photo booth, spray tanning, giveaways and more! Plus, there are many other things to look forward to this summer: Hip Hop Yoga, Stay and Sprays every Thursday night (Golden tans without regret, paired with wine and fun gal time!) and the second-annual Santa Bar(re)bara Day Trip - including a train ride, barre on the beach, lunch by the ocean and wine tasting. What more could you want on your lovely Saturday afternoon? Pencil it in now: August 19!

But don't wait for the fun to start: Barre Bounce class is already happening now! This combo class brings together the benefits of barre with rebounding. Yes, your favorite childhood activity has been scientifically proven to be super good for you! In this class, you'll improve posture and body alignment while experiencing 40 percent less impact on your joints and muscles. You'll make massive progress on your goals, since 10 minutes of rebounding is as effective as 30 minutes of running. You'll also get a mental boost: you'll experience stress relief while combatting depression and anxiety, thanks to a big bump in endorphins released to the brain. Rebounding increases the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, improving sleep patterns and increasing your energy and mental alertness. But, most importantly, bouncing on a trampoline is just plain fun! Bella Barre is the first and only studio to offer bounce classes, especially one that is developed by a team of master teacher trainers. It's the first of its kind - a barre-bouncing match made in heaven!
Bella Barre 299-7767

Affordable Family-friendly Fun & Fitness, Too
The Paseo Club is a place where casual combines with family-friendly fun to create an environment for all occasions where everyone feels welcome. The common misconception about Paseo is that it's unaffordable. Not so!

Paseo offer several different options to enjoy the many amenities and complementary club events they offer year-round. The vision from the beginning was to create a club for the community, a place where friends and neighbors could go to eat, play and enjoy life. Their goal is to provide an exclusive membership lifestyle with quality recreation for the entire family at a price that allows members to truly have it all.

The Paseo Club is nestled in the heart of Valencia and, for the past 11 years, they are a place where you can spend your day. Enjoy a poolside breakfast, a tennis match, a dip in the pool, a stop at the day spa, a workout in the fitness facility, a cocktail at the poolside bar, cuddles with your kids while everyone enjoys a movie on the jumbo outdoor screen and more. Paseo's not a gym or "just" tennis courts; it's a place to do it all!
The Paseo Club 257-0044
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Jump Start your Summer Body
Summer is just around the corner in our beautiful valley and Motivate wants to help you get into a sizzling summer routine you'll want stick to. Whether you want to tone and build lean muscle, lose weight or just find something you love to keep you motivated, they've got the package just for you. Check this one out: Motivate's Mega Jumpstart Package! This package will help you get to know the megaformer and jump start your Summer body with three private sessions and three group classes for only $255. It also includes their custom grip socks, towel and canvas tote to get you geared up! E-mail them to schedule your private appointment at
Motivate 713-8099

Plate Therapy Fuels your Workout & Weight Loss Goals
Do you want to eat healthy and lose those excess pounds before the summer, but you don't have the time to plan your recipes (Or have the desire to cook when Santa Clarita feels like the interior of an oven by 10am?)? Are you trying to eat in a way that fuels your workouts, adding high-quality protein while reducing carbs? Then it's time to make your health and wellness a priority; honor your need for convenience (Time is money!); and spoil your taste buds with an investment in the deliciousness that is Plate Therapy. Plate Therapy's "Grab & Go" freshly-made organic/Paleo meals have been crafted with your health, happiness and convenience in mind. Order online for weekly delivery or free pickup or visit their fun kitchen to purchase individual meals to "Grab & Go." Check their website for current "Grab & Go" hours and sign up for weekly ordering, including a "lite" meal plan.

Infrared Sauna Use Helps You Recover Faster while Burning more Calories
Far-infrared heat, long used as a powerful tool in pain management, has also been shown to boost production of the growth hormone that is essential in the recovery and repair of your muscles. In fact, recent research has demonstrated that sweating in an infrared sauna can increase production of your natural growth hormone up to five times the average. What does that mean in practice? Well, for starters it means that you'll be less sore and ready for your next workout faster when you incorporate sweating into your routine. The bonus is pretty great, too! You'll sizzle through significant calories as you repair your body at the cellular level. When you lay down, relax and burn approximately 600 calories during your 30-minute sweat sesh, you'll be increasing the blood flow to your skeletal muscles, fueling them with the acids and oxygen they need for repair, all while assisting them in the removal of by-products like lactic acid and calcium ions. The result is a more limber, pain-free, ready-to-get-back-at-it "you" who feels deeply relaxed, energized and focused.
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880
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